“The most important thing is to enjoy football”

Berlin / Neuruppin. At first glance, the step is not unusual. After all, Andrina Braumann (35) is not the first to change her place on the pitch for an out-of-the-way place after retiring from active service, and now give orders from outside. On the other hand, it happened relatively early with the Neuruppin resident, at the age of 28. Until 2015, she played 100 games for SV Blau-Weiss Hohen Neuendorf and 1st FC Union Berlin in the 2nd Women’s Bundesliga. He is currently the union sports teacher at the Football Association of Berlin (BFV), coaches the U12 and U14 women’s teams and accompanies the U15 German Football Association as an athletics coach. Märkische Allgemeine spoke with her about the development of talent promotion in girls’ soccer and her work in the Berlin Union.

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Ms Braumann, at the age of 28, you ended your active career at Union Berlin relatively early and became a coach. How did this decision come about?

Andrina Braumann: There was no particular reason. I played soccer for 20 years and worked as a sports therapist at the same time. I had a great time playing football at a high level, but then it was time for me to try something different.

Was it clear to you when you were still playing that you want to be a coach one day?

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So it turned out, I sat down with those responsible in the Union, told them I wanted to stop and asked for alternatives. I then became assistant coach of the Bundesliga U17 team and realized quickly that I fit!

You have been a sports teacher at BFV for about a year. What were the beginnings, was it a big change?

I knew the processes because I had previously coached U12 juniors and managed the qualifications. As a sports teacher in an association, I am now primarily responsible for the U12 and U14 juniors and the track and field coach for the U15 from the DFB.

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When you introduced yourself, the BFV said you and your colleagues would take “responsibility for expanding the promotion of women’s talent” in the future. What’s included in this extension?

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Our predecessor, Ailien Poese, created some very good structures here and left them to us. We want to be even more visible, which we have already achieved, as the number of registrations for viewership increases. But it’s also about being even more present on social media and making clubs aware of qualifying measures for young footballers. Many people still don’t know that there are extra training sessions for talented young players who still play with the boys. Generally, our work in the association is based primarily on individual support. Of course we all want to win games as a team, but most of all we want to gradually prepare the players for the next step – and when one of them climbs to the top, of course you are happy.

You have been in the industry for a long time, you have played football for 20 years, including in the 2nd Union Berlin Bundesliga, and you have been a coach for many years. How much has girls and women’s soccer changed during this time?

Phew, a lot has happened already. The level is now much higher, it is already visible at the European Championship. The pace and all processes at the European Championship in England are very demanding. Constructions generally became much more professional after the Women’s Bundesliga was designed on one track. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but processes that have already started must continue.

Regarding the European Championship: is the German representation in the quarter-finals? What’s inside?

I believe they can go very far because they have great potential. Especially since they broke free after a difficult phase in the first third of the year and now everything is actually possible.

What’s the best way to move to professional football right now? What is important? As a sports teacher in an association that promotes young talent, do you have any advice for young footballers looking to get to the top?

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Of course, there is no final clue. But one thing is clear: you just need to enjoy soccer and be able to play without outside pressure. Otherwise, you should just go out on the pitch and play as much as possible. The foundations can be laid for later, the rest will come over time. But again: the most important thing is to have fun with soccer!

Author: Marcel Ehrig

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