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And … already full today? While fuel prices in June were initially unimpressed by the energy tax cut, prices at gas stations have fallen markedly in recent weeks. One of the factors is the recent decline in the price of crude oil. There are more and more economic concerns in the capital market as to whether high inflation and decisive actions by the US Federal Reserve may result in a hard economic landing. This would place a noticeable burden on global oil demand. DZ BANK stock market analyst Gabor Vogel only analyzes how to classify the current black gold situation and the resulting investment opportunities in our webinar “Trading for professionals and busy people” on Monday 18 July. at 19:00. Vogel is also looking at the price of gold, which now appears to be caught between inflation and rising interest rates. Register for free and be live there!

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Our stock exchange specialists illuminate the latest topics from the perspective of volatility, sentiment and seasonality. Markets, interest rates, commodities and individual values ​​are studied fundamentally and technically. Relevant commercial ideas are output and specific product ideas are presented.


  • Marcus Landau, certification specialist at DZ BANK
  • Gabor Vogel, goods expert at DZ BANK

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