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FROM: Dominik Maass


Ilona Schöfbänker (in the center) opens a bridal and evening wear shop in a former hairdressing salon on Steinerstraße. In the resumption it will be supported by, among others Adrian Gruschka and Nicole Schulte-Tigges. © Maass

Something is happening in the city center – in two places.

Werl – In the former hairdressing salon “Hair & Beauty”, formerly Fischer, a new wedding fashion store will open at the end of August. The driving school in Zuch also plans to move from Bäckerstraße to the former Elektro Leber store.

Ilona Schöfbänker’s new store on Steinerstrasse will be called “La Perla Bridal Outlet & Evening Wear”. The 59-year-old hopes to open by the end of August. Schöfbänker comes from Geseke. Most recently she worked as a clerk in a bridal shop. After the closure of the company, she decided to become self-employed. Previously, she worked in the service sector for almost 30 years and founded and managed two companies with her ex-husband. “I’ve met many different clients, but the young women who become brides are most grateful.” Young women left behind a “touch of happiness” in business, “Schöfbänker describes their motivation. Initially, he wants to run the business on his own, with the prospect of adding another employee.

About 250 square meters of retail space in Werl found out thanks to the agent Nicole Schulte-Tigges. She also pointed to the possibility of starting aid from the Society for Economic Promotion and Urban Development (GWS). With money from the state subsidy program “Strengthening our city centers and centers”, GWS rents a shop from the owner until the end of 2023 and rents it at a low rent. Ideally, this should turn into a normal, long-term lease. “I think it’s great that everyone is trying to optimize their city center shopping,” says Schöfbänker. Her first impression of Werl was positive: “The city is beautiful, I immediately felt at home and imagined moving to Werl.”

GWS Managing Director Adrian Gruschka welcomes the “double closure of the gap”. There are fewer vacancies in the pedestrianized area and Schöfbänker also fills the supply gap.

With the add-on “Outlet”, Schöfbänker wants to make it clear that it offers relatively inexpensive clothes. However, this is not a matter of “second choice”, but for example overproduction of well-known producers. The assortment will be complemented by communion and evening dresses. The founder also hopes to get one or another Schützenfest guest as a customer.

The Zuch driving school will soon be in a new location

In the case of the driving school in Zuch, the previous and future locations are about 300 meters apart in a straight line. The main reason for the move was the possibility of buying the former “Elektro Leber” store – says Stefanie Zuch. In addition, the driving school has almost twice as much space in the new location of approximately 350 square meters. “Above all, we want to go deeper into the truck sector and get certified for it,” explains Stefanie Zuch.

On Melsterstraße, an advertisement already announces the planned relocation of the driving school in Zuch.
On Melsterstraße, an advertisement already announces the planned relocation of the driving school in Zuch. © Maass

And the space can be put to good use for this more time-consuming training. It was “quite cozy” at the previous location with 20 participants, especially when food was being served. Another advantage of the new location: Regular first aid lessons and training can take place in parallel and in separate locations. Stefanie Zuch hopes that the move will be completed in the fall, by Christmas at the latest. It depends on how quickly the renovation works on Melsterstraße are progressing.

In addition to Martin and Stefanie Zuch, four driving instructors work in the driving school. The fleet consists of nine cars, a C1 truck and several motorcycles.

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