WorldSkills 2022: Team Austria is gaining strength for global professional competition

Team building for 46 participants of the BAU Academy Upper Austria

Vienna (OTS) In 2022, the 46th edition of WorldSkills will be more global than ever: after Shanghai’s recall, 15 countries around the world – from Korea to Canada, from Japan to Austria – immediately agreed to host the competition. Austria will also be one of the hosts: from 23 to 27 November 2022 (new meeting) he competed for medals at the Salzburg exhibition center.

This means a home game for eight red-white-red young pros (Betonbau is a team competition with two participants). Others embark on journeys that will take them to Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, Luxembourg, USA, France, Finland, Estonia and Italy.

Under these conditions, how can Team Austria play its great trump card, cohesion and team spirit? From 14 to 16 July, all activities at the Skills Austria team seminar at the BAUAkademie Oberösterreich in Steyregg focused on team building.

In this way, it was possible to build mutual trust during climbing training, at Highland Games or during evening cooking together. Participants received motivating tips from “watchful” Thomas Hofmacher (tiler) and medalists Christoph Greiner (gold in glass construction technology) and Stefan Prader (silver in electrical engineering), who caused a sensation at EuroSkills 2021 in Graz.

team as backup

“It is important that our young professionals encourage each other, thus building the confidence necessary to achieve the best results at a crucial moment. It doesn’t matter where our young professionals compete: they will feel that the entire Skills nation is keeping its fingers crossed and standing behind them, ”says Josef Herk, president of Skills Austria.

“This WorldSkills 2022 will be a unique experience. On the one hand, for all Austrians, because after almost forty years we can experience the struggles of the professional world championships here again. A year ago, we would not have dared to dream about it. But also for our participants: even if this time we cannot cheer for everyone on the spot, the spirit of Team Austria will still be with you, ”promised Philipp Gady, vice president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

An important role here is played by the traditional team slogan, which should sound loud in the ears of all candidates at the start. As it will sound in 2022, it has yet to be disclosed to the public.

During the two-day training, Team Austria was supported as usual by experienced athletes and team leaders. BAUAkademie Oberösterreich also supports Team Austria in a tried and tested manner.

WorldSkills 2022 is coming to Austria

After the cancellation of the planned venue in Shanghai (China), the member countries of the organizer WorldSkills International agreed to organize the competition in 15 host countries. In addition to Austria, these will be Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, the USA and the United States
be a kingdom.

Seven competitions will be held in Salzburg from 23 to 27 November: in particular, they will be concrete structures, construction (bricklayers), electrical engineering, electrical installation,
Freight logistics, chemical laboratory technician and heavy vehicle technician. The venue will be the Salzburg exhibition center, where, according to the current state of play, participants from around 40 WorldSkills member countries will be competing. WorldSkills made its first stop in Austria: The 27th World Skills Championships were held in Linz in 1983.

With the Austrian team’s 31 shares in WorldSkills, 597 participants have so far won a total of 218 medals (81 gold, 66 silver, 71 bronze) and 209 performance diplomas (“Medallion for Excellence”). Austria has been the best nation in the world several times (Lyon 1995, St. Gallen 1997, Montreal 1999) or in the top three (Seoul 2001, St. Gallen 2003, Leipzig 2013)

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About Skills Austria

SkillsAustria is a non-profit association WKO and coordinates the Austrian championship (AustrianSkills) as a professional competition center. The winners represent Austria in international competitions – EuroSkills and WorldSkills. In addition, SkillsAustria is responsible for preparing and sending the Austrian team to international skills competitions and public relations. The Austrian Chamber of Commerce has been a member of WorldSkills International since 1958 and regularly sends the Austrian team to the international world skills championship since 1961. Furthermore, WKÖ has been a member of WorldSkills Europe since 2007. Austria has been present at EuroSkills since the first European Championship in 2008.

SkillsAustria is funded by the WKÖ, nine federal chambers of commerce and specialist organizations in the areas of trade and crafts, industry, tourism and leisure, information and advice, trade and transport. The activities are co-financed by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Economy and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The SkillsAustria team is also supported by engelbert strauss workwear, Schütze shoes, Würth, WIFI Austria and the Association for Personal Advice and Personal Care.

About WorldSkills

Founded in 1950, WorldSkills International is now a global non-profit organization with 85 member countries on all 5 continents. Its mission is to constantly improve the image of craft, industrial and service professions as well as vocational training all over the world. The aim of this international platform is to promote young professionals and develop new and innovative ways of vocational training.

Every two years, WorldSkills International hosts the Skills World Championships at various venues. Each WorldSkills member country has the option to send one participant or team of participants per skill. About 1,400 participants from the WorldSkills member countries are currently competing in over 60 competitions for gold, silver and bronze medals and of course for the title of “world champion” in their profession. WorldSkills participants must not be older than 22 years of age in the competition year (individual competition exceptions up to 25 years). (PWK313 / HSP)

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