A podcast for business? Medium-sized companies focus on modern communication

Munich (ots) –

10 million Germans actively listen to podcasts, about 4 million even watch the program every day. Podcasts are more popular than ever. Not only for entertainment and further education, economics itself has already discovered the advantages of this (client’s) approach.

The medium that started in 2004 is becoming more and more popular. Our former Chancellor Angela Merkel also benefited from it – a podcast. Hundreds of genres already exist on countless platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, and many more. From news to education, from thrillers to vegan. The economy has already discovered for itself a “radio drama” defined by the target group. “Podcast Mittelstand” appears again and again in the TOP10 of iTunes business charts. It is about interviews with entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. Podcast operator Kajetan Brandstätter from Munich has already rented several studios in Germany for this purpose. Interview guests can choose whether they want to record a program in Munich, Berlin, Mainz or Hamburg. Brandstätter hired radio presenter Volker Pietzsch and podcasters and entrepreneur Stefan Bronder to study in Mainz. The new face of the Mittelstand podcast is Jan Kunath (www.jankunath.com). He became known thanks to sonnenklar.TV and is currently one of the most sought after moderators in the fields of business, politics and entertainment. Leads for the podcast operator Brandstätter in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

Numerous well-known companies and persons such as Microsoft, Merkur-Privatbank, Axel Kahn, Pastor Schiessler, Managing Director Dr. Geppert from DEHOGA Bayern, Jens Bernitzky Director of Hotel Victory – Therme Erding, Docubyte, Green Aktiv GmbH, Thomas Schiffelmann from Handicap International and many others.

At the same time, different topics offer a great variety: in an exciting interview with the Mittelstand podcast, Christian Pape, CEO of Pape Consulting Group AG, discusses the basic mistakes made when searching for staff. Due to the shortage of qualified employees and demographic changes, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to find qualified staff. The “trick” of an effective HR consultant is not to find potential employees, but to convince potential employees of the added value of changing jobs. www.pape.de

The Bavarian Teachers’ Association Realschule (brlv) is also accompanying its current teacher education and Realschule campaign in the form of the Mittelstand podcast “Life is REAL. You are in. Realschule! ”. The emphasis is on the Realschule as an attractive, meaningful and safe workplace for future teachers and modern educational institutions geared towards the needs of the economy for our skilled workers of the future! www.brlv.de

In the Mittelstand podcast, Südbayerische Wohn- und Werkstätten gGmbH informs about its packaging activities, such as: packing, enveloping, sorting, sealing, labeling, and thus not only offers companies the opportunity to contribute to society as a whole, but also order costs will be deducted from the equalization fee. www.sww-muenchen.de

“With the Mittelstand podcast, we want to offer entrepreneurs a platform to get to know each other.” – according to the podcast operator Brandstätter.

Getting started with podcasts is easier than ever for businesses. “Implementing a moderated episode is much less time consuming than launching your own format. First of all, we already offer a very good Google ranking with over 100 published episodes and excellent coverage on all known podcasting platforms. ” – says Kajetan Brandstätter.

Especially in the age of content marketing, podcasting is a promising tool for companies. In any case, there are plenty of interested listeners.

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