After wild protests in Berlin: End of tolerance for radical crown skeptics – Berlin

It is just after four in the afternoon on that golden October Sunday when Pippi Longstocking in disguise shouts out to the world the slogan “Peace, freedom, no dictatorship” on Berlin’s Karl-Marx-Alle street.

Behind her, hundreds of “side thinkers” join this strange battle cry. Close to each other, of course without masks. They combined their weapons to make it harder for the police to stop them. Pippi Longstocking dances and conducts in front of the side thinking ball. Astrid Lindgren would probably turn over in her grave.

While Pippi Longstocking can lightly demonstrate in Berlin and shifts her braids to the rhythm of the mantra “Peace, freedom, no dictatorship”, Belarusian dictator Lukashenka uses stun grenades against his demonstrating people.

Over the past six months, a small but high-profile minority in this country has allowed itself at every opportunity to claim that we live under a dictatorship in Germany. Paradox: democracy makes it possible. Such opinions must be abolished, be it at demonstrations, on primitive conspiracy blogs on the Internet, or in personal circles.

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But there are limits. On Sunday, demonstrators once again disregarded police requirements such as wearing mouth and nose protectors. The plague of majority society is taken with intention. Police officers and counter-demonstrators are under attack, journalists are insulted, their relationships are weakened and they are at risk of dying.

This is not surprising. For months, the movement of pandemic deniers, conspiracy ideologists and skeptics about coronation measures has been rapidly radicalizing. Notable heads of reality-deniers such as Attila Hildmann have been spreading their anti-Semitic and homophobic hatred on Telegram since April when the rule of law is under observation.

Three attacks and a demo out of control

Within a week, a hanged mannequin with the words “Covid-Press” appears in Minden, the Museum Island is under an anti-art attack, and the Robert Koch Institute is attacked with incendiary devices. In the latter cases, he is investigating state security, and there are some signs of a connection to the conspiracy ideology scene. And on Sunday? The police are initially on the scene with double-digit officers at Alexanderplatz.

A few minutes after take-off, the situation worsened as the “side thinkers” simply started running without the permission of the police. As with the large demonstrations in August, the emergency services are by surprise.

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Hundreds of demonstrators descend unaccompanied from the original Mitte to Friedrichshain route. On Friday, the police press office informed the Tagesspiegel that “Sunday’s demonstration did not allow” the usual requests from emergency services from other federal states or the federal police for support.

Pepper spray would be used on any leftist protest

Below are arguing Swabian women who repeatedly try to break through police lines, couples in functional jackets that call for “cops around”, and an officer who is bitten in the hand. The situation on Sunday was repeatedly misjudged by the Berlin police. But it’s not just that. Why does “Spiegel” learn from the operations manager that the demonstrators could of course have been detained but “refused to take pictures”.

Demonstrators against Corona measures in Berlin.Photo: imago / future image

To what extent can you take responsibility for hundreds of people demonstrating for hours on Karl-Marx-Alle without masks and without distance, while cyclists on Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg are stopped by police officers without a mask in the street? bike? Why should pepper spray be used in any leftist protest, while “biased thinkers” tried to free those arrested from the emergency services without disturbing them?

The police must intervene in the event of violations

Not only the police, but also politicians in the capital have to answer these questions. People who want the death of politicians, activists and journalists should be despised and fought by all means of the rule of law.

Police must stop a demonstration that is massively violating the conditions. Attila Hildmann, who constantly agitates against those who think otherwise, should be prosecuted by the prosecution, and politicians should take seriously and put pressure on the increasingly anti-democratic activities of Corona demonstrators.

But for more than six months, the activities of Corona’s freely rotating demonstrators have hardly been stopped by police and politicians. No more tolerance towards dangerous reality deniers!

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