Claus Kleber came back from retirement ZDF: Why is he now chasing Elon Musk? game

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“Good night?” No, good news … He’s back!

He was an institution on German TV evenings. A presenter who could send millions into the night with a comforting goodbye, even when the news was bad. After 2,977 issues in the ZDF heute Journal behind the scenes and behind the scenes and almost 20 years aboard the flagship, hobby sailor Claus Kleber (66) said goodbye in one direction.

It said “Retirement” as a friendly sign. But this goal is not yet visible to him …

Life without a tie is possible and definitely not pointless: Claus Kleber may have taken the presenter’s retirement, but he is still involved in television, including as a filmmaker

Photo: photo of the alliance / dpa

One of the country’s most popular journalists returns on Tuesday evening (23, ZDF). With an impressive document. Title: “Utopia – Crazy Visions in the Silicon Valley.”

Kleber traveled with the team and his colleague Angela Andersen (already collaborating in 2016 on the Brave New World report) once again to the center of ideas for the future: Silicon Valley (California).

No tie! Kleber: “Discussions about neckties have always been redundant. Are kept. In the Silicon Valley you meet successful people from megafirms who come to a meeting on roller skates. Nobody asks … “

Claus Kleber talks in ZDF documentary

Claus Kleber talks in ZDF documentary “Utopia” incl. with visionary engineer Chris Anderson (left) at the Kittyhawk factory in Silicon Valley

Photo: ZDF and Alexander Pohl ZDF and Alexander Pohl

Guests from Germany talk to visionaries and billionaires in a 45-minute documentary (already in the media library). Direct. No emails, no video calls. man to man.

Kleber on BILD: “Even in a high-tech world, personal conversations often lead to the best results. Incidentally, we can apply this to any situation. During the Corona period, I also stopped my work as a lecturer because personal contact is most important to me. “

The most popular news duo on German TV for years: Claus Kleber and his colleague Gundula Gause.  Still moderating Today Journal

The most popular news duo on German television for years: Claus Kleber and his colleague Gundula Gause. Still moderates on “heute-journal”

Photo: ZDF and Klaus Weddig

“Phantom Pain Hasn’t Started Yet”

Future prospects: Will the information soon be communicated to the viewer via AI or avatars?

Kleber: “People in the studio remain an important part of any news format. But we have long been part of this artificial intelligence. Algorithms that show us certain messages on our cell phones affect our consumption. ‘

Is he still addicted to the news himself and does he miss working at ZDF evening?

Kleber: “The phantom pain hasn’t started yet. I don’t miss my desk moments in the studio. But the pitfalls and work with colleagues do and look at it the other way around. I had a week off every other week. So half the time my life hasn’t changed much.

And the new nonchalance? Recently, Kleber with long hair, in the Ruhr area, you could say of a “neck spoiler”, was a guest in the “3 by 9” conversation format. He: “I can calm you down. It was an unplanned accident with my hairdresser. This Christmas hairstyle is history. “

Until we saw HAAR (ben) as a former ZDF presenter on TV.  The hairstyle with which Claus Kleber sat on the Radio Bremen program

We’ve never seen HAIRA Kleber like this on TV before. Hairstyle where he sat at 3am to 9am? Leftover holiday scraps

Photo: NDR

Where does Kleber want to go after the film is finished, as he did with the taciturn politicians in heute-journal? Among others with Tesla boss Elon Musk, an apparently inexhaustible human “battery of thoughts”.

He would like to talk to Musk about his visions using state-of-the-art chips that are implanted in the brain to allow people to participate in the feelings of others.

Kleber: “I wrote him e-mails. He read them. We did not receive any replies. Some people in these spheres are hardly accessible to journalism. With 100 million followers, a man like Musk doesn’t need media anymore. As “guards” they lost their power. “

Still on Kleber's

Still on Kleber’s “to-do list” for personal conversation: Tesla boss Elon Musk

Photo: Patrick Pleul / AP

A situation that does not necessarily reassure a full-blooded journalist “because their own truths and worlds arise.” But also an encouragement that encourages Kleber – the filmmaker.

“Now we are planning a few months of rest. Time for things that are also a bit lacking in recent years. ” Sailing, family, friends.

A time when Elon Musk can adapt to the fact that the glue will not allow personal conversations. Tomorrow or TODAY …

More time for the family: Claus Kleber with his wife Renate and daughter Caterine

More time for the family: Claus Kleber with his wife Renate and daughter Caterine

Photo: WireImage,

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