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Contactless payments are becoming more and more fashionable. Instead of reaching for a credit card or a giro card in their wallet, many users already rely on the payment process via a smartphone or smartwatch. The company offers an even more innovative solution paspacewhich equipped the finger ring with the payment function. You should be using this jewelry to pay in stores in the future: the point is that Pago ring. We looked at the smart ring and explained how it works and what to consider.

How does Pago Ring payment work?

Like all other contactless payment transactions, Pagopace’s Pago Ring also uses contactless communication (NFC). To do this, the ring must have previously been associated with a virtual credit card. Then you need to load it. Then you don’t need a wallet anymore. The advantage of a ring over a smartwatch or smartphone: you do not need to charge the ring. It consumes no energy and is used like an NFC card when making payments.

In our test, the ring performed well. However, there are always problems with older devices and we were not able to pay by calling in all stores. This means that the smart ring, like the credit card, still lags behind the Girocard. The position you have to take to move the ring to the card reader field is a bit awkward. Depending on where it is located and how the device is kept for you, booking sometimes works more or less well.

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What does the Pago ring look like?

The Pago ring is made of ceramic and is waterproof. It is also insensitive to scratches. Currently, you can order a ring in five different colors: Black Rough, Black Urban, Pearl White, Pink Rose and Blue Ocean.

As for the look, you have to decide for yourself if you like the simple design. For some, the ring may be too big. Others may say it looks cheap and looks like it came from a chewing gum machine. It is widely known that tastes are different here. We consider the ring simple and noble. However, it does seem quite bulky, especially on more delicate female hands.

The size of the ring depends on what color you want. Generally sizes start at six. However, some rings are currently only available up to size 10, others up to size 13. Half sizes are not offered. To avoid a ring mismatch to you, Pagopace offers a good solution: you order a template for the ring. It will be sent with the ring coupon code. You check what ring size you need and use the coupon code to order a ring in the correct size.

Set up before paying with the ring

Before you can use the ring properly, you need to set it up. This includes not only the ring but also the virtual credit card you have through your provider vimpa organize something. Opening a Vimpay account is free. In Vimpay itself, you need to create a virtual credit card for the Pagopace ring and connect it to Fidesmo Pay at the end. Then you need to activate the ring. This can become a problem for less technically ambitious people, although Pagopace does help with setup with videos and instructions.

How does money go to the Pagopace credit card?

To actually be able to pay with the ring, you need to top up your Pagopace virtual credit card balance. This is quite annoying as you first fund your free vimpay account and then transfer it from there to your papapace card. However, this procedure also has a great advantage: if you lose your ring, at best the money that was loaded onto the Pagopace card is lost.

If you react quickly enough, you can even get your money back and all you have to do is put up with the loss of the ring. Or you can simply put the ring into snooze mode using the Vimpay app.

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Transactions are displayed immediately

Once everything is set up, it becomes easy. The Vimpay app shows the transactions made immediately (via push notification). You can track all sales in the free app.

music of the future

While the ring is already on the market and can now be used through Vimpay, the makers are working on collaborating with other banks. Initially, cooperation with the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken was considered.

Now you can use your Comdirect credit card to connect – you don’t need the Vimpay app anymore. A Comdirect checking account is completely free for the first six months. After that, an incoming payment of € 700 per month is required to avoid account management fees. The Visa debit card that you need to connect to the ring is included with your checking account for free.

Where can I get the Pago Smart Ring?

If you want to buy a ring, please proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Pagopace website and select a ring. If you do not know your ring size, order the Pago Starter Set. Don’t forget to enter code “biallo15” when placing your order to receive a 15 percent discount.
  • You pay for the ring and then receive a ring template and ring coupon code.
  • When the template is available, check what size you need.
  • Once you know the correct size, go back to the page and find your ring in the correct color and size. Put it in the basket.
  • In the ordering process, enter the coupon code sent by Pagopace. This sets the cost of the ring to zero since you already paid for it when you ordered the template. Submit your order.
  • Depending on whether the color and size are available, the ring will be with you in a few working days or several weeks.

The 89 euro ring is certainly too expensive for some. But with the Biallo discount, you get the ring cheaper. Enter the code “biallo15” during the Pago Starter Set ordering process (alternatively buy a ring of the correct size) and save 15 percent on the original purchase price. The ring costs only 75.65 euros. You can then use the saved money to top up the ring.

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Conclusion: Smart Ring is a nice gadget

Pago Ring replaces the Smartwatch. In the future, you might call it something like this or something like this. Because with jewelry on your finger, you can leave cards and expensive smartwatches at home. Especially when you’re on a beach vacation and you’re always worried about your wallet, that’s a thing of the past. Because thanks to the Pago Ring from Pagopace, you always have money at your fingertips.

After a bit of a complex initial setup, the gadget works pretty well. The payments are also relatively reliable – including the puzzled glances at the cash registers as the ring is still too unknown. Important: The ring can currently only be activated in Germany and Switzerland.


  • Money is always at hand (you don’t have to worry about your wallet anymore)
  • if lost, the card is quickly deactivated and the bell cannot be used
  • battery not charging
  • cheaper than a smartwatch


  • troublesome configuration
  • The money has to be reloaded time and time again when the credit is used
  • currently only available in Germany and Switzerland
  • relatively high price

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