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Temperatures of up to 40 degrees are expected today in Lower Saxony. On this page you will find all the important information about the country’s weather.


Overheating warning in cars

Cars can quickly become heat traps for dogs. (theme image)

Due to the heat, the police in Lingen warn against leaving children and pets in a locked car. This can lead to life-threatening situations. According to a spokeswoman, a dog owner in Lingen recently left her golden retriever in the car for an hour and a half when the outside temperature was 28 degrees. A woman’s acquaintance noticed it in order to save the weakened dog in time.

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Protection against heat at the National Equestrian Tournament in Oldenburg

To make the ride as bearable as possible for the horses during the event in Rastede Castle Park (Ammerland district), there are shade tents, awnings and bucket trees with many buckets of water at the entrance and exit. The preparation area is even completely shaded in the forest. Riders also bring cooling blankets or cooling sleeves for their pets.

11:16 a.m.

The sun is already shining in the morning

Already at sunrise in Cuxhaven, you could already guess that it was going to be a really hot day. You had to get up early to get a breath of fresh air.

The sun rises on the horizon behind the wind turbines.  © North West Media TV

VIDEO: It’s gonna be hot today! (1 minute)

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Long lines in front of the outdoor pools?

People are lining up in front of the Moscow swimming pool.  © NDR / Carsten Ehrbar Photo: Carsten Ehrbar

Due to high temperatures, people in the countryside today long to stay cool. The crowds in the outdoor pools are correspondingly large – like here at the Moscow swimming pool in Osnabrück.

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Nursing homes prepare for the heat

Lower Saxony relies on information to protect residents from the heat. There are very detailed instructions from the National Health Board for homes and nursing staff – for example, about airing and darkening rooms, cold foot baths, and handling medications. Deakonie and AWO Lower Saxony, which run many of the nursing homes in the state, consider themselves well prepared, as revealed by a NDR Lower Saxony request. Some buildings have already been modernized and fans installed.

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Virtual fan refresh

Do you want to cool down a bit? Then click on the video and take advantage of our virtual fan.


VIDEO: Are you hot too? Then click here! (1 minute)

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The tractor breaks out in fire

How great is the risk of fire in heat and drought was shown on Monday in Neustadt am Rübenberge in the Hanover region. The tractor set fire to an area of ​​five hectares. Over 100 firefighters managed to control the fire.

Further information

Fire brigade rescue vehicles stand at the edge of the forest and put out the fire.  © fire brigade / dpa

100 firefighters from local defense forces and the Wunstorf air base were deployed to extinguish the five-hectare area. still


Fire hazard: no barbecue in Hanover

The meat is grilled on a wire rack.  © photocase.de / jingz Photo: photocase.de / jingz

Grilling is currently prohibited in parks in Hanover. (photo of the topic)

In the Hanover region, the forest fire warning level is now 4 out of 5. The city of Hanover therefore prohibits grilling and open fires in parks: Until weather conditions change substantially, the risk of an open fire fire is too great, the city said. The security service should check the ban.

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How should I behave in extreme heat?

If the temperature rises to 30 degrees or more, many people no longer feel well. These tips will help you withstand the heat better.

Further information

A young woman is standing in a meadow in front of a spray of water.  © colorbox Photo: Alena Ozerowa

In temperatures above 30 degrees, many people no longer feel comfortable. These tips will help you withstand the heat better. still

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Heat logs: How are temperatures correctly measured?

To enable global comparisons, international standards are applied to measure temperature. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), sensors in free-standing measuring stations must be two meters high. The housing with strips protects the sensors from the blazing sun. The ground under the measuring station should be covered with grass. Keep a minimum distance from trees or buildings. If the test station does not meet these conditions, temperatures may be inaccurate or incorrect. In December 2020, DWD canceled the heat record for Germany. The previous high of 42.6 degrees was measured on July 25, 2019 in Lingen im Emsland. The DWD found that over the years “significantly developed vegetation in the immediate eastern neighborhood” had repeatedly hindered air exchange as winds came from that direction – and the record was lost.

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The Ministry of Agriculture gives tips on heat

The Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Lower Saxony called on animal owners to provide shade, cooling and sufficient water. “Chickens and turkeys cannot sweat. Strong heat combined with high humidity therefore pose a risk of extreme heat stress, especially in poultry farming, ‘said the minister. Therefore, it is especially important to regularly monitor stable technology and intensive support. For many animal species, it also makes sense to shift feeding to the cooler evening and night hours.

Further information

The autumn meadow is covered with dark clouds.  © Matthias Schwenke Photo: Matthias Schwenke

Weather in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Lower Saxony: forecast, rain radar, postcode search and severe weather alerts. still

The silhouette of the person stands in front of a shining red sun.  © Picture Alliance / Jan Eifert Photo: Jan Eifert

Temperatures rise to 40 degrees. Older people and children should be especially careful. still

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