New all-time record in the aftermarket: Mahle with significant growth

Supplier Mahle achieved profitable growth in 2021 despite the tough environment. Aftermarket sales rose by 18.5% to € 1.1 billion – a new record in history.

“We have achieved strong growth in a challenging market environment, despite tight supply chains and declining fleet mileage,” said Olaf Henning, member of the Mahle Group Board of Management and Head of Aftermarket, at a supplier’s press conference today. Despite the crisis, Corona Mahle was able to increase sales by 18.5% to around € 1.1 billion in 2021. This is the highest annual turnover since the establishment of the branch. However, Henning was reluctant to make a forecast for 2022 due to the uncertainty of the situation.

Battery diagnostics as an area of ​​growth

The workshop equipment business was particularly strong, with Mahle presenting a series of new battery diagnostics solutions called “BatteryPro”. Goal: In the future, independent repairers should be able to diagnose and maintain electric vehicle batteries. From the end of March this year. In the TechPro’s own diagnostic device, the new “E-Scan” function is available, with which the status of the battery and individual cells in electric vehicles can be read via the OBD interface. At the end of the year, this function will be supplemented with new diagnostic devices “E-Health” and “E-Care”.

E-health should be able to diagnose the vehicle’s batteries through the charging connector and provide information about the battery condition within ten minutes. Measured data is evaluated in the cloud. In this way, the condition of the traction battery can be compared with other batteries of the same type that have been registered. In addition, eHealth should be able to provide a forecast of the remaining expected service life of a vehicle’s battery. The process is currently being tested with a test organization and a renowned fleet operator, and in the next step will also be offered for electric trucks and buses.

The E-Care, on the other hand, is a service device for the maintenance of vehicle battery cooling circuits, similar to an air conditioning service unit. Mahle is still silent about the operation of the device, but this should allow workshops to replace the coolant in the batteries, which could prove to be a business model in the future.

In the area of ​​flushing oil in automatic transmissions, Mahle has expanded the ATX series to include the ATX 250 and 280 models, which have been improved in terms of connectivity. The gear oil flushing should be traceable via a smartphone app. In addition, technical support from Mahle employees should be possible directly via the device. The new ADAS TechPro Digital ADAS 2.0 calibration device also offers even more automated functions than its predecessor. Thanks to the network and digital calibration plates, it is no longer necessary to read and write information, reducing the frequency of errors and shortening the calibration process to five minutes. There should also be an upgrade kit for first generation users of the device.

Expand your commercial vehicle portfolio

Mahle would also like to gradually expand its range of commercial vehicle parts by 2030. These include parts of the driveline that must be particularly durable. The offer of starters, alternators and turbochargers as well as repair kits for commercial vehicles is also to be expanded. In addition, the supplier plans an increasing portfolio of electronic components and an ever wider range of filter solutions for alternative drive systems. Thermal management products, including evaporators and compressors, are also to be expanded.

In order to improve the ‘digital customer experience’, the scope of digital information should also be expanded. The workshop should find technical information, error analysis, and a fill quantity measurement tool with the new TechTool. The group also creates a digital workshop where Mahle products related to conventional and alternative drivelines can be viewed virtually thanks to realistic graphics.

Fully automated warehouse

To ensure its ability to deliver in a tense global supply chain situation, Mahle Aftermarket has also adapted its logistics structures and is following a consistent digitization course. In addition, stocks in warehouses should be increased and alternative distribution channels should be sought.

In the future, the company plans fully automated logistics hubs to guarantee fast and error-free delivery. The fully automated warehouse is slated to open in Olive Branch (USA) by the end of 2022. More European locations are to appear in 2023. The supplier plans to successively build a network of fully automated hubs. Customers should benefit from faster deliveries, fewer returns and cheaper goods logistics.

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