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speyer As president, Gabriele Kemper opened the diocesan congregation with the question: “Do I hope for our Church – in Germany and in the diocese? I am convinced that we will keep what is good in our faith and thus we will keep the community of our Catholic Church alive ”. She referred to the current situation and the upcoming changes in the diocese. “I look forward to working with confidence to make synodality in the diocese a reality,” said Kemper, welcoming the new Vicar General Markus Magin.

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“Without hope for our Church and its ability to fulfill the task of Jesus Christ, I would not be able to answer Bishop Wiesemann’s question whether I want to become vicar general,” Magin said: “Perseverance, patience and joy in faith are great challenges that are required. in front of us, helpful virtues, ”he says. “The most important thing is that we are united by faith as a community” – adds Bishop Dr. Karl-Heinz Wiesemann: “It is Christ himself who makes us look to the future.”

At the request of some members of the diocesan assembly, another topic was raised – an exchange of views on the resignation of former vicar general Andreas Sturm. Mood barometers were collected in the form of keywords. Wiesemann added that he would not change the path he chose to restore the church and that the vicar general Magin, as the bishop’s alter ego, would also support him.

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Vicar General Magin presented the latest version of the strategic goals. They are the basis for future decisions regarding the future direction of pastoral care in the diocese and the allocation of resources.

In the next step, there will be two evening events with the same content for the members of the diocesan congregation in September to introduce the necessity of saving and the concept of the achieved results. “Without a concept, it’s hard to make decisions based solely on numbers,” says Magin.

The results will then be presented on October 1 with a focus on the areas of responsibility and the revised distribution of resources. In early November, they will be finally discussed and given to Bishop Wiesemann as a vote.

Expected hot autumn

“I look forward to a hot autumn where many discussions and interest groups will stand up for their cause. One thing is clear, however: anyone who rejects a savings proposal must be able to show alternatives, “Magin presented the perspective. Otherwise, a balanced budget cannot be guaranteed. By 2030, the diocese’s budget must be reduced by 15%. – that is, by EUR 30 million.

After the formation of the diocesan parliament, the delegates were sent to the main commission of this body, the diocesan arbitration court and the diocesan tax council. Delegates elected Anne Kriebel and Manfred Heitz to the main committee. In addition, Pastor Johannes Pioth was sent to succeed Pastor Frank Aschenberger as representative of the Priests Council on the Main Committee. In the future, Manfred Gräf and Pastor Arno Vogt will act as assessors in the arbitration board managed by the Law Firm. The meeting elected Christof Reichert as a new member of the diocesan tax council, which is responsible for the financial management of the diocese.

The assembly also discussed and decided to create three new committees on volunteering, climate justice and global justice, as well as gender justice and women’s empowerment. On the occasion of key issues, the document “Enthusiastic and Called – Empowered and Accompanying” drafted in the diocese years ago to promote voluntary commitment, a commission was established. The goal, according to canon Franz Vogelgesang, is to implement and further develop the existing document. It was decided that the new diocesan committee would draw up a catalog with five specific activities to promote volunteering and present it in the spring of 2023. The committee includes volunteers and church staff.

The Assembly will also establish a Committee on Climate Justice and Global Justice. In this way, the substantive committee of the Catholic Council, which has existed for many years, is transferred to the larger advisory body of the diocesan assembly. One of its goals is to perpetuate responsibility for creation. In addition, a new commission, which also includes external experts, is expected to provide networking, educational work and transfer of experience.

35 percent of the female allowance

By adopting the Assembly’s resolution on May 10, she approved the establishment of a diocesan committee for gender justice and the promotion of women by a majority vote. The committee consists of four members elected by the assembly, one representative each from the Women’s Forum and the Ordinariate Equal Opportunities Team, and Christine Lambrich, the head of human resources. Part of the decision is that a new commission will develop a textual basis for a diocesan women’s promotion plan, which should be available for decision at the general assembly in fall 2023. Measures have been taken to introduce a 35% quota for women in all diocesan management functions for which no ordination ministry is required.

Gabriele Kemper indicated that a committee for the implementation of the diocese’s vision should also be appointed, but at a later date. is

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