Pilots and SAS airlines agree a wage dispute | Free press

The negotiations were long and difficult – but now a new collective agreement has been agreed. There is also good news for many of the released pilots.


SAS and the Scandinavian pilots’ unions settled the wage dispute after a good two weeks. The pilots’ strike is over, the company said early Tuesday morning. Air traffic should resume as soon as possible.

“We can finally resume normal operations and fly our customers on their long-awaited summer vacation,” said company boss Anko van der Werff. It deeply regrets that so many passengers were affected by the strike.

Accordingly, the parties have agreed on new collective agreements for a period of 5.5 years. In addition, SAS plans to re-hire 450 previously redundant pilots full-time.

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Unions accuse SAS of using the crown pandemic to fire hundreds of pilots with agreed reinstatement right, but then voiding that right. Instead, the airline relies on cheaper pilots from its SAS Link and SAS Connect subsidiaries, which are critically acting as personnel service providers.

Negotiations on a new collective agreement were broken in early July. Then some 900 SAS pilots from Denmark, Norway and Sweden went on strike that has since cost SAS, which is already financially unhappy. A new round of talks kicked off in Stockholm on Wednesday, culminating in tough long-term negotiations over the weekend. Such long strikes are unusual in Scandinavia.

The company previously announced late Monday evening amid media speculation that, contrary to other reports, the deal has yet to be signed. Several Scandinavian media outlets unanimously reported the deal during tough mediation talks in Stockholm, Sweden. (dpa)

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