Rated even cheaper than in 2020!

When the mood in an asset class is very negative, counter-cyclical investments are of particular interest to smart investors. The cannabis market is and will remain the mega market of the future!

When the market moves, rapid and strong spikes in cannabis share prices are possible!

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Cannabis stock price performance has been very disappointing over the past few months, there is nothing to cover it … and that while the fundamentals for the sector remain very positive in the medium term ….

A look at the New Cannabis Ventures (NCV) Global Stock Index shows very clearly the price trend in recent years.

The index is up-to-date from the provisional high on February 10, 2021 of 92.48 15:31 to the full 83.4% divided into.

Source: https://www.newcannabisventures.com/cannabis-stock-index/

But cannabis stocks remain significantly cheaper, especially when compared to traditional S&P 500 stocks. Many titles are even selling for much cheaper in the price list than during the 2020 Covid crash!

Stansberry Research noted in a post in June that S&P 500 stocks are priced at a 2023 sales increase of just 5%, or 2.9 times the price to sell.

Due to strong price declines and solid sales performance, valuation ratios such as EBITDA, P / E and selling prices have again significantly revised downwards over the past 12 months as seen in the chart below.

Source: Stansberry Research (Thomas Carroll), FactSet, Company report, Twitter

After each slowdown phase, there is another brilliant uptrend at some point, also in the cannabis sector.

At the latest when the stock markets are again risk-on again later in the year, for example when the US central bank picks up its monetary policy due to worsening economic framework conditions due to a significant recession or rising unemployment.

You bet on the trending sector with the GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Fund!

The fund is the world’s first listed mutual fund that focuses solely on cannabis and psychedelic shares.

Investing in a diversified basket of companies has a significant advantage over an individual investment in this still young asset class as the investment risk is spread out!

Trust the knowledge and experience of the portfolio management team at GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Fund. With a strategic investment in the GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Fund, you are investing in an actively managed basket of promising cannabis and psychedelic stocks that particularly benefit from global megatrends. The fund is the world’s first listed mutual fund that focuses solely on psychedelics and cannabis stocks.

The strategically diversified investment portfolio consists of approximately 35-50 attractive companies, allowing for a balanced risk diversification and limiting the possibility of incurring a total loss. Using a multi-stage title selection process as well as advanced risk management, with clearly defined technical chart entry and exit signals, we aim to achieve the optimal one for your investment.

Basic information on the GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Fund:

A team of experts GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Fund (WKN: A2P2FA) analyzes trends in the cannabis and psychedelics sector for you and assigns them to the most attractive companies from two investment megatrends. The process of selecting a title includes, among others in-depth analysis of the balance sheet and the situation on the technical charts of each stock with clearly defined entry and exit points. Responding quickly to company and industry news is critical to sustained investment success in this relatively young sector!

The fund’s assets currently include 50 titles. Trust the high level of knowledge and many years of experience in fund management – more information can be found here: hemp.de

Trust the high level of knowledge and many years of fund management experience and enjoyable reading More information about the fund here.

More information about the fund can be found here on the website of IFM Independent Fund Management AG.

Fund short profile:

Last name:

GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Fund

Fund type:

Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS / UCITS) /

(suitable as UCITS target fund)





Ticker Bloomberg:


Ticker Germany:


Entry fee:

Max. 5% (100% discount on entry fees by Smartbroker.de)

Use of earnings:


Management remuneration:

1.30% per annum

Performance fee:

15%, 6% obstacle rate and a high watermark

UCITS asset manager:

First Capital Management Group GmbH


Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Management company:

IFM Independent Fund Management Ltd

Information point for investors in Germany:

Hauck & Aufhauser Private Bankers Ltd
Kaiserstrasse 24, D-60311 Frankfurt am Main

You can follow the current fund prices at wallstreet-online.de: https://www.wallstreet-online.de/fonds/li0507461338-gf-global-cannabis-opportunity-fund-eur

Risk Warning / Conflict of Interest:

Wallstreet: online capital AG, which sells the fund, and its main shareholder, wallstreet: online AG, own registered shares of the issuer GF Global Fund SICAV. Fund manager Carsten Ringler holds shares in GF Global Cannabis Opportunity Funds.

All published information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or any other recommendation. Years of experience and awards do not guarantee investment success. The securities are subject to market-related price fluctuations that cannot be offset by the active management of the asset manager or investment adviser. This information cannot replace a consultation. All information has been provided carefully and to the best of our knowledge to the best of our knowledge at the time of production. Despite all the care taken, the data may have changed in the meantime. More information on the opportunities and threats can be found on the website www.hanffonds.de and www.ifm.li. The sales prospectus and further information are available free of charge in German from the management company of IFM Independent Fund Management AG (Link). The UCITS asset manager is First Capital Management Group GmbH, Munich. The depositary is Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG.

Included values: CA1380351009, LI0507461338, US20451W1018, NL0015000DX5, CA60255C8025

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