Roland Kaiser concert in Cottbus. Tickets and drinks are troublesome

On Saturday and Sunday, the Spreeauenpark in Cottbus was a magnet for music fans. In the midst of the current movie nights, Mark Forster performed to thousands of fans on Saturday and Roland Kaiser on Sunday. While things went smoothly on Saturday, complaints about the Sunday concert are piling up on social media. The main points of criticism were parking tickets and endless lines for drinks with waiting times of an hour and a half. We asked the city and CMT as a beverage supplier.

concert in line

After the weekend, among the concert inserts for a Roland Kaiser concert, there were comments such as “Cottbus has shown that it is unable to organize large concerts. The friends described above quickly brought you back downstairs. After having a drink you had to wait in line for half the concert, and when it was over you found your ticket in the car. ” or “Well, the organization was a sheer disaster .. Not enough drink carts !!! 1.5 hours for something to drink !!! Is it beer or non-alcoholic !!! That’s a slap in that entrance fee! Please, who will calculate it in advance? ”, To be read on social media. While things went well on Saturday for Mark Forster (around 3,000 fans), according to visitors, things were different on Sunday in front of nearly 12,000 fans at the Roland Kaiser. Another guest wrote shortly and succinctly: “The music was great. The rest is fine. The supply of drinks and tickets after the show in the car caused trouble.

CMT responds

CMT boss Daniela Kerzel responded to the criticism in Niederlausitz: “We sincerely apologize that our guests had to wait so long in line and we apologize for that. We analyzed the situation in the evening after the concert, weaknesses were discovered, and the thoughts and ideas of our staff and suggestions from guests were incorporated into the preparations for the upcoming important events. “

According to the CMT, there were no further problems despite the alcohol situation due to the influx of visitors, and there were no notable safety incidents or unusual medical interventions one day. “Our extensive safety concept has paid off in every way,” says Kerzel.

Self-critical, he mentions two issues in the overall concept that have triggered criticism from visitors: On the one hand, there is no adequate parking space in the immediate vicinity. Moreover, parking tickets found in the car after the concert. On the other hand, unfortunately, there was a long wait for drinks on Sunday. There were three reasons for this, according to Kerzel:

1. About 100 people worked in gastronomy. Each of the twelve beer wagons was occupied by four people. Certainly, in retrospect, there could have been more stands with drinks. Unfortunately – as you know – there are fewer and fewer service staff in the catering industry, so it was not possible to fill additional stands. Despite months of searching in advance and even the involvement of an external service provider, it was not possible to find more employees.
2. Due to changes in the program, the admission time was shortened, which meant that a large number of visitors had to be served in a short time.
3. Our goal was to offer our guests a wide range of drinks. Unfortunately, it turned out to be too time-consuming.

Lots of Cottbusers among illegal parkers

Regarding the ticket, we asked the spokesman of the city, Jan Gloßmann: “Some cars were parked in areas where stopping or parking was prohibited. Partly on the Vorpark-Wiese list, partly on access roads for emergency services and firefighters, partly despite the greatest fire hazard in the vicinity of forests and green spaces. The amount of the penalties depends on the offense or administrative offense in question. The total number of tickets is currently unavailable. “

Were official car parks (Sandower Dreieck, Tierpark, Parcel Street) fully booked?

Gloßmann: “We don’t control it. Even if they are fully booked it does not justify illegal parking. Then you need to switch to free parking spaces outside, but not drive inside. The situation in the Spreeauenpark is well known. Unfortunately, among those who did receive the ticket there are also many Cottbus residents. ”

How is the city going to deal with the events at the Spreeauenpark in the future?

Gloßmann: “We look forward to every successful event at the Spreeauenpark. The parking problem is always part of the coordination between the organizer, CMT and the city – this is the result of the organizer’s urgent reference to regular parking spaces. “

What are the tips for visitors?

Gloßmann: “Anyone who follows the rules will not find a ticket in their car. The Spreeauenpark is easily accessible on foot, by bike, can be reached and picked up again, you can use public transport (to shorten the walk) or you can arrive earlier to get a regular parking space in the area. “

Another important event is the Elbenwald Festival

The Elbenwald Festival will be held here for the second time from 5 to 7 August 2022. The organizer expects more visitors than in 2021 (approx. 5,000 visitors a day, including weekend guests). Last year, crew members and weekend guests used the meadow in front of the park as a parking lot, as it is this year, Gloßmann replies in conclusion: “For the Elbenwald Festival, there is a so-called tolerance, allowing certain areas of the front park to be used as parking spaces. However, these car parks are reserved for multi-day visitors (often families or groups of friends) who set up tents in the nearby Spreeauenpark and thus spend more time at the festival grounds, but sometimes have to go to the car to get their luggage / equipment. However, it can be assumed – as experience shows – that the guests will arrive on Friday and will leave again on Monday, otherwise the vehicles will not be moved. Last year’s use did not have a lasting impact on the areas in front of the park, which are part of the “Branitzer Park” monumental area. The tolerance is valid until 2022. The concerts at the Spreeauenpark are a bit different. Access is possible from existing car parks (including PP Sandower Dreieck) and is usually not too demanding. For daytime events, areas are more likely to be entered permanently, including traffic that may be looking for a parking space. Therefore, there was no exception here. “

Composition, tickets and program: Elbenwald Festival 2022

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More concerts in August and September 2022

The next events in the Spreeauenpark will be the cultural summer with a concert with a flashlight on August 12, Die Bierhahne on August 14, a concert by Matthias Reim on August 20 (approx. 2,000 visitors), Joey Kelly on August 26, Florian Schroeder on August 27 and an open-air “Love knows no league” with Alexandra Knappe September 3, 2022

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