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As of 07/19/2022 12:59 PM

Brokdorf nuclear power plant: fuel rod deformed after a fall

According to the Schleswig-Holstein Environment Ministry, there was an accident with a fuel rod at the Brokdorf nuclear power plant (Steinburg district), which was shut down. The ministry said that during the repair of the fuel element, the fuel rod fell out of the gripping device in the water-filled storage pool and became deformed. However, tests showed that the housing of the fuel stick was not damaged. According to the ministry, neither radioactive aerosols nor nuclear fuel were released. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 13:00

The sun loungers on the Schleswig-Holstein beaches are well booked

For example, from Travemünde and Timmendorfer Strand (Ostholstein district), sun lounger rentals report that there are hardly any more sun loungers in the hotspots for today and tomorrow. In Sankt-Peter-Ording or on Sylt (both districts of North Frisia) you can still get baskets via the online booking systems on some beach sections. However, many sections are also fully booked here. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 11:30

The program of the Travemünde Week was presented

After a year of forced break and a year with a heavily restricted program, the full Travemünde Week should be held again in 2022. The program of this year’s sailing event, which starts on Friday, will be announced today at noon. According to preliminary information, 550 boats and 1,400 sailors will take part in 22 sailing competitions. | NDR Studio Lubeck 07/19/2022 08:30

More white skin cancer in Schleswig-Holstein

The number of people diagnosed with mild skin cancer has increased significantly in Schleswig-Holstein. According to the health insurance company Barmer, between 2010 and 2020, the number of people affected increased by almost 39 percent from about 61,000 to almost 85,000. Considering that the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer can be significantly reduced with adequate sun protection, according to the managing director state Bernd Hillebrandt, the number of people affected is too high. Unlike many other types of cancer, it’s relatively clear what causes skin cancer, namely too much UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds. Hillebrandt advises that no one should be out in the sun without proper protection. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 12:00

Topping out: Wedel Heat and Power Plant

The topping out ceremony for the new heat and power plant (P2H) will take place today at today’s Wedel CHP plant in the Pinneberg district. This is expected to start in 2024, partially converting excess electricity from wind turbines into green energy. According to the operator, the 80 MW power plant will be one of the largest P2H power plants in Germany in the future. | NDR Studio Norderstedt 07/19/2022 08:30

Meldorfer is building a heat store

To enable heating without natural gas, a heat accumulator is built in Meldorf (Dithmarschen district). For this purpose, an earth pool approximately seven meters deep and 126 meters in diameter has been dug, which will be covered with insulating foil in the coming weeks. According to the project manager, the tank will be filled with water in October. Then it is heated, among others waste heat from a neighboring printing house. The pumps are to supply hot water to the new piping system currently being laid in Meldorf. In the future, more than 50 buildings will be powered by a climate-friendly district heating system. Including schools, sports halls and a state museum. The city wants to save 90 percent in this way. CO2 greenhouse gases. It is the first underground heat storage in Germany. Similar systems in Denmark serve as an example. | NDR Studio Heide 07/19/2022 8:30

Fatal accident on A20: trial begins

After the fatal accident on the A20 in the district of Stormarn, the trial against the alleged perpetrator is starting today in the District Court of Lübeck. In June 2018, the defendant allegedly missed the blockade of the right lane with his truck and drove without braking into a transporter at a construction site. It caught fire. One of the residents then suffered such severe burns that he died on the day of the accident. According to the prosecution, the accused is accused of neglecting the murder. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 08:00

Berliner wanted to cross the Kiel Fjord fairway

In Laboe, a swimmer yesterday wanted to swim across the Kiel Fjord to Falckensteiner Strand. The rescuers from the water rescue tried to dissuade him from doing so, but the 29-year-old from Berlin was initially not convinced. The water police were notified, but the man finally gave up. It turned out he was hypothermic, exhausted and confused. He was taken to the clinic. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 08:00

Beach chairs in SH almost fully booked?

If you want to reserve a sun lounger for the upcoming hot days you should have problems. Beach chair rentals from Travemünde, Timmendorfer Strand, Scharbeutz and Haffkrug report that they are almost or completely booked for today and tomorrow. Many visitors to the beach have already secured a basket in the North Sea. In Sankt Peter-Ording or on Sylt, baskets can still be obtained via the online booking systems on some beach sections. However, many sections are also fully booked here. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 08:00

Heat occurs after SH, drought increases the risk of forest fires

Schleswig-Holstein is expecting the first really hot day today, with weather experts also expecting temperatures of up to 34 degrees in the north. Because it hasn’t rained for a long time As a result, the risk of forest and forest fires increases. Firefighters call for smoking and grilling in forests forbidden and for proper disposal of glass bottles. However, the fire department is well equipped and can intervene quickly, says fire chief Frank Homrich. In several southern European countries, forest fires have been causing problems for many days. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 06:30

Study: Youth Violence in Heide has several causes

For There are several causes of youth violence in Heider Südermarkt. These are the results of a study by the Kiel Association for Violence and Social Training (KAST). After that, young people want their own meeting places in the city and people to talk to, to present their needs to. According to the association, there are already offers for talks. The city is also planning more places for young people and anti-aggression trainings in schools. Police said crime in Heide has already dropped significantly in recent weeks. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 06:00

UKSH Coronation Survey: Many have long complaints

The Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Center (UKSH) with headquarters in Kiel and Lübeck ma the first results on the long-term consequences of Covid-19 have been published. Accordingly, half of the infected people in the study complained of long-term symptoms. In the so-called COVIDOM study, researchers analyzed 1,400 coronary infection survivors with a predominantly mild to moderate disease course. Less than ten percent required hospital treatment. Nevertheless, every second study participant reported complaints that persisted even after the acute phase of the disease. Researchers also investigated what factors make people especially vulnerable to long-term consequences. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 06:00

Lifeguard: DLRG well positioned for the season

The German Life Saving Society (DLRG) in Schleswig-Holstein feels well prepared for hot days. According to state manager Thies Wolfhagen, the DLRG has enough strength to man the beach stations. While there was a shortage of staff in the preseason, there are now more apps than places. Nevertheless, rescuers are prepared for difficult situations. More and more people cannot swim properly, explained Marius Augustin of DLRG Harrislee. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 5:30 am

The alleged IHK emails: Software corruption warning

With the new scam, scammers apparently want to install malware on companies’ computers: there are now alleged emails from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) asking companies to register with “IHK Germany”. According to IHK Schleswig-Holstein, these e-mails are not from IHK and can cause damage. Recommendation: delete emails without reading them and do not click on links. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 06:30

Weather: Heat and lots of sun

There will still be spots of fog in the early morning, otherwise it will remain cloudless and sunny. The temperatures range from 31 to 36 degrees, on the coasts with sea winds from 27 to 30 degrees. It remains relatively coldest in Helgoland with 26 degrees. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/19/2022 06:00


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