Successor to the € 9 ticket in 2022

to meAccording to federal transport minister Volker Wissing, another € 9 ticket offer, which expires at the end of August, is possible at the end of the year or early 2023. At the beginning of November, data on the ticket should be available, which should help in the assessment – the FDP politician told the German Press Agency. “What’s the experience with that? What role does price play? What is the role of ease of use or national importance? ”. It will be about such questions. “There is a lot of speculation, but you don’t really know. That is why we need the results of the assessment. “

You can use public transport in Germany from June to August for nine euros a month. As another model, the following was proposed, among others an annual pass for 365 euros or a monthly pass for 69 euros. The main problem here is financing. The federal government finances the ticket for 9 euros with an amount of around 2.5 billion euros. Wissing does not want to commit to disbanding the successor just yet. “We need a model that fits the budgets of the federal states as well as the budget of the federal government.”

If there is an agreement between federal and state governments, it can happen quickly. “We saw that we were able to propose and offer a digital ticket within a few weeks. In this respect, I am optimistic that this time, too, things will move forward quickly. “

A “great success” during the break for a ticket for 9 euros

During the € 9 ticket break, Wissing believes that key goals have been achieved. “We launched something that was very important to public transport, namely the pursuit of modernization,” he said. “As a result, public transport has become a bit more digital, simpler and more passenger-focused – all in a matter of weeks.”

Wissing rated the ticket as “a huge success”. “We sold 21 million tickets in addition to 10 million subscribers. Public transport has not seen this in a long time. Among the 31 million users were many commuters but also day trippers. Less than 0.1 percent of the trains were so busy that security guards had to intervene. Passenger numbers have risen to pre-pandemic levels. The number of drivers has dropped by around a fifth from 2020.

It is important that the price and service offered are appropriate. “It’s not that the lowest price is always the most rewarding. If the performance behind it is not right, no one will benefit from being able to ride for one euro, but the beats don’t fit, ”said Wissing, referring to the proposed 365-euro ticket.

Wissing also wants to give an impulse to clear the maze of customs duties in local transport. “We have a lot of train stations, some of which have several ticket machines that no one really understands.”

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