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Most of our sensory impressions are transmitted through the eyes – a sensual organ that has always fascinated people. Thousands of years ago, healers achieved amazing “victories in medicine”, as the new episode of the Apotheken Umschau medical-historical podcast is impressive and very vivid.

The eye is perhaps one of the most fascinating sense organs we have – and also one of the most important. 80 percent of all sensory impressions are conveyed through the eyes, and seeing and perceiving light has been of great importance throughout history from the very beginning. Thousands of years ago, healers and doctors looked after the human eye – and they have achieved tremendous success.

Listeners go on this exciting journey through time in the new episode of “Siege der Medizin” with podcast presenter Ulrich Noethen, who impressively and vividly tells how cataract surgery was possible back then – 3800 years ago! This operation is one of the oldest in human history. Perhaps the results were not optimal and the operation was not always successful, there were complications. Yet the healers made the blind see again – almost a miracle at the time.

In 1850 the ophthalmoscope came

At that time, of course, it was not yet possible to examine the eye from the inside. This changed in 1850 with the development of the ophthalmoscope, better known as the ophthalmoscope, by Hermann von Helmholtz. This made it possible to examine the inside of a living patient’s eye – an important step in modern ophthalmology, where today unimaginable things are possible 50 years ago. Professor Dr. Jens Martin Rohrbach, head of the ophthalmology laboratory at the University Ophthalmology Clinic in Tübingen and head of the ‘History of the Ophthalmology Clinic’ research area, explains the advances in ophthalmology with impressive figures: ‘Retinal detachment 100 years ago: almost 100 percent of the eyes were blinded. Today: 90% more or less healed with retention of function. The second example is retinoblastoma. This is a malignant tumor of the eye of the retina in childhood. One hundred years ago: almost every child died. Today: 95% survive. “A significant victory for medicine!

All the themes and dates of the second season of “Siege der Medizin”:

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Episode 19 (September 14) History of the apothecary profession

“Victory of Medicine” in short:

The podcast is about the greatest medical achievements – told in an exciting and vivid way by actor Ulrich Noethen. Beyond the experts, Noethen voices the story itself and takes listeners on a journey back in time to relevant situations and locations for medical-historical milestones. With radio show-like dialogues, expert voices, and a unique, rarely used sound design from music, and reduced noise effects, the podcast fuses information with goosebumps while listening and transforms your medical history into a unique listening experience. And that’s not bad: the podcast has so far received over 480,000 views and over 265,000 subscriptions (as of July 19, 2022) The second season of “Siege der Medizin” is available every two weeks on Wednesdays at www.gesundheit-hoeren .de. , audio offer from Apotheken Umschau.https: //www.deezer.com/de/show/2958212), Google Podcasts (https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9zaWVnZWRlcm1lZGl6aW4ucG9kaWdlZwVL Spotify //open.spotify / 2H0Y5CsWjStm705n0Wg3c3) and all other well-known podcasting platforms that can be found at apotheken-umschau.de.

Click here to watch the trailer for “Siege der Medizin”: https://youtu.be/GgZB0HtgXiQ

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