A place in the heart of Hamburg?

There is a great demand for high-quality office space in the center of Hamburg. The attraction of the center is uninterrupted. Rightly so, because the location in the city center offers tenants many advantages. Elbtower is being built in the center of Hamburg. In this central location, it meets all the requirements of future tenants for high-quality space with the best transport connections and sustainable mixed use for flexible, collaborative work.

One of the mistakes of the pandemic was to think that city centers are slowly dying out. Doesn’t everything work online, remotely and from home office? But in the cities it turns out that the center is not outdated. Companies, administration, trade, production and inhabitants – all those who make up the city and urban coexistence are pushing to the center.

This is evidenced by the office real estate market in Hamburg. “The trend towards the center has increased significantly,” remarked Katharina Second, Head of Office Leasing at Signa. Demand for high-quality real estate in the city center remains high. During the pandemic, diminishing the importance of offices and the presence of employees was certainly considered. There were also satellite offices on the outskirts of major cities, for example for employees living nearby, on the outskirts of Hamburg. “But none of these new forms caught on,” says Katharina Second. “Businesses need offices – in the best locations.”

In central Hamburg locations, average rents have remained stable and vacancy rates are low, according to the Hamburg Real Estate Market Report 2022. “The city and HafenCity are the best performing locations in the city,” says Katharina Second. This is where Elbtower is being built with a total office space of 79,000 square meters.

self-understanding and access

The building as a high-quality location strengthens the corporate identity of the tenants, because the office as a meeting place becomes a distinguishing feature. – Being in a special property, I earn points in the competition – explains the real estate expert.

In addition, a central location has a number of very practical advantages for companies and their employees. Excellent transport links are a priority. The car-friendly plans themselves are long gone. “The idea of ​​changing mobility is already deeply entrenched in Hamburg,” said Second in discussions with customers. The classic arrival by car is certainly possible thanks to the central location of the bridges over the Elbe. There are parking spaces in the basement of the base – all of them can be equipped with the e-charging function.

You can travel by car with the metro and S-Bahn and Elberadweg in front of the door, but you don’t have to.

But the Elbtower is also right next to the Elbbrücken S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations. The Jungfernstieg is only seven minutes away, the main train station only four minutes. “More connections are almost impossible in Hamburg,” says Katharina Second. Everyone who gets off the public transport is practically in the building’s foyer.

Elbtower is also part of HafenCity’s new mobility-sharing concepts: networked cars, scooters or scooters no longer wait in parking lots, but are available to users at many different access points. Finally, the Elberadweg runs next to the building: if you cycle to the office in the morning, you can simply drive into the internal bicycle garage on the ground floor.

Public offers in the database

However, the central location also means that services are available. They are in Elbtower on a publicly accessible base. You will find many dining options as well as a grocery store, gym, basketball court and cultural facilities. “A wise mix of gastronomy, local supplies and leisure is essential for many businesses. This is the only way employees like to come to work. You’ll find various and inexpensive lunch deals on site and save yourself long detours if you need to buy something for home and want to play sports when your office closes or during your lunch break, ”says Second.

Tower on the Elbe
There will also be coworking spaces in the building.

There is also room for flexible workspaces: in addition to the coworking options on the lower floors, the business center in the tower offers the possibility to relocate the office or use it flexibly when needed.

Central location with a future

The decision to be centrally located in Elbtower is not only a decision with a special future perspective, says Katharina Second. Because Hamburg will continue to expand into the surrounding area and continue to develop in the future. This has consequences: Hamburg’s city center moves further south-east as there is room for future projects. Such places of the future are the Elbbrücken district, eastern HafenCity and Grasbrook. “Today, Elbtower will be the gateway to HafenCity and the city center. But in terms of perspective, it becomes more and more important, ”says Second. If you want to work in Hamburg city center in the future, you can’t avoid Elbtower.

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