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The tech sector and cryptocurrencies have caught up for now. The Nasdaq 100 index gained about eleven percent from the June low. Since then, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has improved by about 23 percent. The improvement in mood was also reflected in Solactive Blockchain & Crypto Index contrary. The thematic index increased by almost 19 percent. In recent trading days, semiconductor stocks in particular have been like Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidiatrading platform for cryptocurrencies Coin database and a provider of solutions for financial infrastructure and financial services Capital of the Silver Gate driving force of the Solactive Blockchain & Cryptotechnologies Index with double-digit price increases. Breakout above the resistance level at 3400 was confirmed today.

There are trendy words that most people have some idea of. It is difficult for them to explain them specifically. One of such expressions is undoubtedly the term blockchain. Many people inevitably associate it with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first, but only one, of the many uses and possibilities behind blockchain technology. Blockchain technology itself, i.e. apart from virtual coins, has enormous destructive potential. The consulting firm PwC also comes to the same conclusion: “Blockchain is one of the most exciting technologies to come out in years. It has the potential to fundamentally change the corporate world and economic processes, and even society as a whole. ” The possibilities are diverse and use cases span multiple sectors, according to the November 2020 “Time of Trust” study. Continue Writing Authors: According to surveyed economists, blockchain has the potential to increase global economic production by US $ 1.76 trillion by 2030. . In the aforementioned “Time for Trust” study, the consulting company PwC lists the largest potential areas of blockchain application. With an estimated $ 962 billion of global value creation potential by 2030, the “origin” point is at the top. Thanks to blockchain, according to PwC, companies and organizations will be able to verify the origin of their goods and track their movement at every step. Therefore, fraudulent activities or counterfeiting can be identified immediately. It is followed by the financial sector with a potential of $ 433 billion. Here, blockchain can provide efficiency gains, especially for securities issuance and payment transactions. PwC lists “identity verification” ($ 224 billion), “contract and document documentation ($ 73 billion), and” customer relationship management “($ 54 billion) as other promising application areas.

Blockchain as an investment opportunity

In view of such huge economic dimensions, it seems logical to deal with the topic of blockchain as an opportunity-oriented investor. As you know, the early bird catches a worm in the stock market. We do not focus on cryptocurrencies themselves, but rather it is worth paying attention to listed companies that operate in the blockchain sector, i.e. developers, consultants, service providers or trading platforms. The dynamic development of this young technology could be disproportionately used. But what are such companies? FROM Solactive Blockchain & Crypto Technology Index connects up to 25 blockchain shares under one roof based on a special search and selection process. You can participate in the price development of this index one-to-one and indefinitely by using the HVB Open End Index Certificate (ISIN: DE000HB5JNF1). Another requirement is a free market capitalization of at least $ 1 billion. In addition to these four shares, they now include shares Block, MetaPlatformy, PayPal and Robinhood. Index reviews take place every six months, as is the balance sheet. Any dividends are reinvested in the Index. Note: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are included in the index Not contain.

HVB Open End Index certificate
Essential Solactive Blockchain & Crypto Technology Index
participation rate 100%
Ask about price EUR 35.26
repayment date open end *
administrative fee 1.3% per annum
* The issuer, UniCredit Bank AG, is entitled to terminate the certificate as usual and repay it in the appropriate redemption amount.
product functioning; Status: July 20, 2022
More information about the product at: HB5JNF and the current composition at the Solactive AG index calculation office at: Solactive | indexes

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