Gessertshausen: Children’s hearts beat faster in Spielwaren Hutner in Gessertshausen

There is a toy store in the building of the former Gessertshausen train station. Especially in summer, families like to go shopping.

Imagination and creativity characterize the offer of the toys and stationery store Hutner in Gessertshausen outside. The owner, Gerd Hutner, appreciates uniqueness. Since 2008, his store is located in an unusual building.

Already in 2007, the commune of Gessertshausen purchased and renovated the area of ​​the old railway station in Gessertshausen. “The house was in poor condition and even sidings ran through what is now a shop,” he recalls. So there was a lot of work to do, but a toy and stationery store was opened a year later.

Spielwaren Hutner has been with Gessertshausen for 14 years

Opening a toy store in Gessertshausen was initially Hutner’s personal weakness. He mentions that without analyzing the market, he jumped into the deep end. The Gessertshauser company has been operating for 14 years. Hutner refuses to say whether his business can be called “a long time”. “But they say that if you survive five years, the company has a valid foundation, and luckily the store has long since passed through that period,” says Hutner, who is supported by the family and, depending on the season, for one or two. employees in the store. Initially, there was still an idea for a brick-and-mortar e-commerce store, but over time, a specialist toy store, as well as stationery and office supplies, developed so well in the region that it worked very well even without internet. As a result, the Internet has become secondary to Hutner and is no longer his business, but will continue to be served.

The first customers have immortalized themselves with their signatures

After the grand opening in 2008, the store was quickly remembered by customers. During this time, everyone immortalized themselves on the canvas with a thumbprint and a signature in bright colors. Hutner points to the screen that is still a memorial in the center of the stairs to the first floor. He is still glad to have an idea who came on the first day. “These customers keep coming, even though after all these years they don’t buy toys for their children or for school anymore,” he smiles. But some may already be buying toys for their grandchildren again.

The businessman from Gessertshausen is glad that his customers continue to arrive the same way, even after two difficult years due to Corona. However, economic efficiency has generally gotten tougher over the past ten years, and competition from the internet has made things worse, explains Hutner. Therefore, it wants to constantly expand, adapt and optimize the range of offers in both areas. From classics to the latest trends, Hutner has everything you need. From pencils to fountain pens, to pads for binders and craft supplies for everyday school and office use, it’s all there.

The main activity is still toys covering at least 300 square meters. Everything to make the heart happy is here, from young children to adults who remain young. Puzzles, cuddly toys, dolls, board games, wooden toys, balls, car models and much more are waiting for their new owners, small and large. Tonies, which have replaced CDs for young children, have been enjoying a particularly great deal of attention for some time now. A system that offers a total of 300 stories with music for the little ones.

Children can try on school bags

Dinosaurs still inhabit children’s rooms. When it comes to school satchels, Spielwaren Hutner also has a large selection and advice on trying them on. Hutner has a lot of fun with his children. “While some prospective first graders are excited about school and are proud to choose a new bag, others just take it and can’t wait to go to the Lego department,” she smiles. The summer and holiday seasons are always one of the most beautiful times for Spielwaren Hutner, as this is when children especially enjoy the toys that they can happily and informally play in the open air. For this purpose, the Spielwaren Hutner is equipped with wheelbarrows and water and sand toys.

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