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Shenzhen, China, July 20, 2022/ PRNewswire / – Philip SongHuawei’s Carrier BG Marketing Director today unveiled a new set of green software solutions as part of Huawei Win-Win Innovation Week.

This solution, as he explained in his presentation entitled “Ecological development, construction of energy-efficient ICT infrastructure” is to help operators systematically increase the energy efficiency of their networks: “As the ICT infrastructure evolves from 5G and F5G to 5.5G and F5.5G, green networks rated by the Network Carbon Intensity Index (NCIe) will become a key element of future target networks. The main goal of the solution presented today is to help operators systematically build green networks, which at the same time take into account the increase in traffic and reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. “

Loud song Technological innovation is required on three levels to help customers achieve green growth goals:

  • At the site and equipment level, more integrated designs and new materials should be used to move sites completely outside and to increase the energy efficiency of the equipment and the use of renewable energy.
  • in Cross-site coordination and networking requires simplified network architecture and increased routing efficiency to maximize energy efficiency and make networks fully optical, simplified and intelligent.
  • To achieve green O&M measures, new O&M strategies should be more easily developed and delivered, and energy efficiency indicators and baselines should be more visible, manageable and adjusted.

At the event, Song unveiled Huawei’s Green Growth Solution with innovation on these three levels, as well as the new NCIe Indicator System that supports this three-tier solution for Green Location, Green Network and Green Operations.

Ending its presentation, Song also announced the opening of the Evergreen Land Engagement Room, where Huawei will meet global operators for in-depth discussions on green growth and building the most energy-efficient ICT infrastructure. He reiterated: “Huawei is committed to working with operators to improve the energy efficiency of ICT infrastructure and create value through green ICT.”

Below are all the details of Huawei’s new green development solution:

At the site level, the solution focuses on innovation in three areas:

  • Fully External Deployment: With innovative materials, the industry-leading blade power module supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G all in one place. Leading One Blade One Site Solution Provides 97% Energy Efficiency (SEE).
  • High level of integration: Ultra-wideband RF modules and multi-band antennas are integrated in these simplified locations. The company’s unique SDIF (Signal Direct Injection Feeding) technology is able to implement lossless cabling in multi-band antennas, thus increasing the energy efficiency of telecommunications equipment.
  • Efficient use of renewable energy: Solutions such as Huawei AI-based PV storage optimization and iPV shading to reduce losses are implemented to maximize the efficiency of renewable energy use.

At the network level, the solution also offers innovation in three areas:

  • Full optical connectivity: switching the entire network from electrical to optical switching improves the energy efficiency 10 times, and replacing copper with optical fiber increases the energy efficiency 5 times.
  • Simplification: The multi-service processing capability of Huawei routers allows the solution to integrate four devices into one unit. Thanks to the SDH upgrade, the solution replaces multiple cabinets in one location with one sub-cabinet per site, significantly reducing the space in the equipment room and improving the energy efficiency of the network. Continuous innovation in Optical Transmission Networks (OTN) has resulted in an ultra-wideband Super C120 + L120 solution supporting nearly 100 Tbit / s per fiber. This means that one million users can simultaneously watch online videos via a single hairline fiber.
  • Intelligence: The solution supports the intelligent, dynamic idle state of routers and automatically adjusts the forwarding frequency of network processors to changes in traffic levels.

At the operational level, the solution focuses on user actions, energy saving policies and energy efficiency indicators:

  • The solution accelerates the migration of users to the network with more energy-efficient RATs, for example from 2G and 3G to 4G and 5G, which significantly reduces power consumption per bit and lowers NCIe value.
  • The solution performs real-time traffic control and analysis by adjusting the frequency of processors forwarding or disabling ports based on changes in traffic levels.
  • The solution ensures that indicators are visible, manageable and modifiable.

The won Huawei Innovation Week will take place from 18-21 July Shenzhen, China, instead. Together with global operators, industry experts and opinion leaders, we tackle topics such as 5.5G, green growth and digital transformation to plan for joint success in the digital economy. More information can be found at:

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