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13,000 has been hit as a psychological mark in the first hour of trading and is an exciting level there. Not only because of the round sign, but also because there was a difference to the previous Friday in this area. It was closed during transmission.

What lessons can you learn from this for trading?

We’ll talk to Roland Jegen about it in the morning about the DAX weekly forecast and outline a trend channel that still offers upside potential. If this breaks down, a medium-term buy signal could be generated. After all, the lows for the year were again at around 12,400 points. Overall, the DAX has been fluctuating to a greater extent for weeks.

The situation is also shown in a suitably tense chart. Corresponding moves at the bottom have been repeatedly bought in the previous days, following the Nasdaq pattern. The Volume Profile provides information about potential regions where DAX may re-enable. This is clearly seen in the Nanotrader tool.

Roland Jegen not only analyzes the price gap above 13,200 as another potential target, but also the Euro Dollar for the ECB’s weekly interest rate decision. He was able to generate a strong momentum.

As for stocks, we re-check last week’s winners and losers and go over these stocks in detail. Airbus was right in front and supplier MTU Aero Engines was also able to come up with plus signs. Incidentally, the chart images are similar, which can also be assumed with Zalando and HelloFresh.

So Roland Jegen and Andreas Bernstein spoke at this point of the following values:

00:00 – Introduction

01:22 – DAX in Big Picture with volume profile

07:10 – Looking at the DAX price gaps

08:51 – A look at the US and EUR / USD market

12:35 – Losers and winners of the week

13:31 – Airbus is the winner of the week

18:42 – HelloFresh continues the bottom line theme

23:50 – Zalando in seasonality dilemmas?

27:22 – DAX now at its weekly summit

In this format, Roland Jegen presents a support and resistance perspective. This creates potential opportunities for our trade.

What can you expect in the future? All insights are available in our video!

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Roland Jegen has been listed on the stock exchange for over 10 years. Since the beginning of 2016, he has been working as a trading expert at WH SelfInvest. In addition to classical chart analysis, his hobbies are auction market theory and market profiles, as well as automated trading systems.

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