Müllheim is looking forward to the return of his COVERnights shows

Next week you can see the best covers and tribute bands from all over Europe again

The best tribute bands in Europe will soon return to the stage at Markgräfler Platz – the organizers of the popular COVERnights in Müllheim are promising no less, which should bring people back to the city center next Friday after a two-year hiatus.

Mayor Martin Löffler describes the nature of the traditional open-air event as a mixture of first-class concert and folklore atmosphere that would soon be approaching its 20th anniversary if not canceled during the pandemic. This year, the bands will cover the greatest songs of music legends such as Supertramp (Century’s Crime), Pink Floyd (Echoes), ZZ Top (Bio ZZ Top) and Metallica (Sad) for two days.

The actually scheduled night of Abba and Bee Gees had to be moved forward a year after the team had to cancel. The 500 tickets already sold remain valid or can be exchanged in advance for tickets on one of the other evenings in 2022.

Early ticket sales are slightly below expectations – but can catch up quickly

Overall, the presale is not bad, reports Christoph Römmler of the event agency KAROevents, but overall demand has been lagging behind in recent years. Conversely, this means there will still be lots of tickets available at the box office.

After the experiences from other series of open-air concerts, such as the Sommersound in Schopfheim or the I EM Music! Festival in Emmendingen, they should also be used in the end. Lots of people are now considering going to the show more spontaneously and still buying tickets on short notice. For Müllheim, Römmler is expecting up to 1,400 spectators each evening.

In times of crisis, the organizers benefit from regional partners and rich experience

Preparations for setting up the stage at Markgräfler Platz are in full swing behind the scenes. The entire event industry is currently facing tremendous difficulties with staff and material procurement due to Corona, but also due to inflation and supply bottlenecks. That concerts can still be held in Müllheim without further ado is mainly due to the close integration of the individual events in the region and the reliance on regional partners.

Some of the stage elements come straight from the I EM Music! Festival, all the way to Markgräflerland. There, the stage crew from Gengenbach sets everything up professionally. After an intensive search, Römmler found it “under the radar” in the last second, because the experts do not work as their own company, but as a group of passionate self-employed and therefore were not yet fully booked.

And the current lack of construction fences to separate the square should also be addressed by starting the event next week, the organizers are sure of that.

The mayor thanks residents for understanding

The mayor Löffler is convinced that the proximity of the buildings to the historic houses on Markgräfler Platz also contributes to noise protection. When COVERnights ends at midnight, the closest residents are likely to notice, but not residents of Müllheim’s housing estates outside the city center that are further behind.

Nevertheless, Löffler would like to thank the residents for their understanding and willingness to accommodate, who, with their consent, make an event like COVERnights possible again and again and thus contribute to the bustling city life.

COVERnights in Müllheim run from 29 to 30 July 2022 from Tickets for both concert evenings are still available at all known ticket offices in advance, online at the baden.fm box office and also at the box office for those who decide on the spur of the moment.


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