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Be it Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse or Theodor W. Adorno: many world-famous poets and thinkers have drawn the Swiss Alps. What were they looking for there?

Thomas Mann found inspiration for his masterpiece “The Magic Mountain” in Davos. In the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries there were many intellectuals whose work was influenced by the Swiss Alps. German journalist Andreas Lesti has written a book about the relationship between high mountains and high culture. “Magic Mountains” is the name of his work. It’s kind of a travel journal.

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Andreas Lesti: “Magic mountains – when poets and thinkers pulled to the Swiss peaks.” Mountain Worlds, 2022. 192 pages.

Lesti visited Davos, Sils Maria and Zermatt and followed in the footsteps of well-known thinkers. In addition to Thomas Mann, he also met composer Richard Wagner, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, writers such as Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson and Theodor W. Adorno.

Although these personalities were different, they were united by a passion for the Swiss Alps. What were they looking for in the mountains? According to author Andreas Lesti, it was a longing for “sublime”. A term that encompasses two things: the beauty of the landscape and the fear of it at the same time.

Adventure of the Alps – views of the attraction

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On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, Andreas Lesti will read an excerpt from his book “Magic Mountains” at the “Waldhotel” in Davos.

The event starts at 5:00 PM and is also open to guests from outside the hotel.

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