New sports park in Freiham launches “Final Sprint School Sport” campaign

The official opening of the Freiham sports park – Photo. Michael Nagy / Munich Press Office

The largest sports facility in Munich was handed over to users as part of a ceremonial ceremony. The Freiham sports park was completed in spring 2020 after less than three years of construction, but due to the pandemic, it could not be officially inaugurated yet. With two triple sports halls, a multi-purpose building, a swimming pool and open spaces, the sports park offers a wide range of sports and exercises. The outdoor area includes three all-weather pitches, a main pitch, three artificial turf pitches and an athletics facility for nine different sports. There is also a beach volleyball court and a skate park. Two three-person sports halls offer over 500 seats in the stands, in the multi-functional building there are two multi-functional halls, a judo room and a dance hall.

The area, with an approved project cost of around € 100 million, which has been cut significantly, supplies the five schools of the neighboring Freiham education campus with the necessary sports infrastructure, but is also available for club and popular sports. There is also a clubhouse with a restaurant. Currently, there are over 20 clubs operating in the facilities.

Mayor Verena Dietl: “Sport has excellent conditions here. The promotion of sport is a priority for the city. That is why the city of Munich continues to invest heavily in the development of sports infrastructure for all citizens, even in difficult economic times. “

Inclusion as the main idea
A sports facility has been created with a consistently inclusive design that takes into account the relevant requirements of athletes as well as coaches and spectators. All areas are barrier-free and designed for wheelchair use, for example by automatic door opening. There is an orientation system for people with disabilities in the form of high-contrast gradations and a tactile guidance system for the blind. Induction loops are available for the hearing impaired in the outdoor stands and in the stands in the triple sports halls. The facility is also equipped with equipment for wheelchair hockey and blind football. The pool also has a barrier-free dressing room and a pool lift for access to the pool; the pool itself had a raised floor.

Florian Kraus city school board member: “I am particularly pleased with the comprehensive implementation of the integration concept in the sports park. Sport for all is carried out here in a future-oriented way. Students can also use the underpass without crossings between the education campus and the sports park for easy and safe access, which also provides a barrier-free connection to the public greenery in the new district of the city ”.

At the request of the city hall, the construction department conducted an EU-wide, two-stage competition for the construction of the Freiham educational campus and sports park. The competition, concluded in February 2015, was preceded by a broad participation process by the Department of Education and Sport for citizens, children and youth. Following the Freiham education campus, which was unveiled to the public in September 2019 by Mayor Dieter Reiter prior to its commissioning, the construction department also managed to achieve its sports park sports goal and complete the sports park on time in spring 2020.

Construction manager in the construction department Detlev Langer: “Thanks to a wide range of offers for everyone, a sports park was created that the construction department of the Munich state capital was able to implement on schedule and within budget. Architecture with heat and energy supply is oriented towards the concept of sustainable development ”.

Ultimate School Sports Campaign – now also in Freiham
Simultaneously with the inauguration of the Freiham sports park, on Tuesday, a starting shot was fired for this year’s campaign “Final sprint school sports” of the Department of Education and Sports in cooperation with Munich sports clubs. Following a successful launch in 2021, all schools in Munich will again be able to take advantage of free trial offers in the last two weeks of the school year. For the first time, the campaign will also be held at the Freiham Sports Park.

During the action, students can learn about new sports disciplines that are not part of the standard physical education program on a daily basis, as well as establish contacts with clubs. In total, you can discover about 20 kinds of sports with about 200 offers. The offer includes AirTrack and Boogie Woogie, boxing and karate, parkour, skateboarding, ultimate frisbee and “walking on wheels” in the form of sport and wheelchair action.

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