Put an end to bad reputation: These four measures are designed to make Oberreut more attractive

Oberreut has had a bad reputation among the residents of Karlsruhe not only since yesterday. The district struggles with a negative subjective sense of security, with a low quality of stay, and thus with certain prejudices.

However, this will change in the future – thanks to the Karlsruhe 2020 Integrated Urban Development Concept (ISEK). Last Tuesday, the city council of Karlsruhe voted unanimously to carry it out.

The purpose of this program of the City Development Office: “promotion of education, work, integration and social interaction” in the district. This is how the administration explains in its draft resolution to the commune council.

Since the beginning of 2019, the ISEK project has completed four phases of gathering information and creating project groups. The inhabitants of Oberreut were questioned about the situation in their district and, according to the city, solutions were sought in educated committees. This resulted in four specific steps being taken to make Oberreut more attractive.

Step 1: Improve your social image and promote culture

First of all, the basic street landscape of the district should be shaped: the streets should be cleaned and litter bins better placed. The program also includes the promotion of honorary positions that take care of and waste disposal. In addition, it also wants to create “attractive attractions and meeting places” to promote social exchange, cultural events or festivities.

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For example, it is planned to create several mobile stages for theater and music performances, or to establish a youth center in cooperation with the municipal youth committee, where various incentives for cultural and social exchange are to be created. According to the administration, however, this can only be achieved with the city’s active cooperation with its citizens – and that should be part of the second step.

Step 2: More participation, involvement and collaboration

In order to “develop positively” in Oberreut, it is necessary to improve cooperation between the city and the citizens involved. The city suggests making green areas or sports fields available for projects and events, and the organizers bear the costs themselves. In addition, they want to support various community clubs, such as the “Biała Róża” youth center, and thus ensure further exchange.

To achieve this, citizens should be actively involved in communication. Therefore, within the ISEK project, a network of the different administrative offices involved is planned.

Step 3: Create recreational areas and increase cycling and walking traffic

Another goal of this cooperation is the further development of Oberreut into a green district with a wide recreational offer. The forest area should be regularly removed from the rubbish. It is planned to create recreational areas in the forest, organize a meeting place in the youth garden and organize excursions for school classes in the forest area.

Jubilee of the youth garden in Oberreut

Youth Garden in Oberreut. | Image: (fst)

In the residential area, in particular, sports facilities, as well as green areas and playgrounds will be renovated. The municipal council has decided that the playground in Graf-Galen-Strasse will be renovated within the next two years. Further projects in this area are to be “implemented in the medium and long term”. It is planned to involve residents in all activities.

Step 4: Food supply and healthcare

So that the infrastructure is also taken into account, there are also plans to improve the local health system in Oberreut – thus the local civic association has already criticized the lack of doctors in their district in an interview with ka-news.de. For this purpose, however, a dialogue has already been established between residents, the city administration and interested doctors, as the city informs in its draft resolution. Further talks, also with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Doctors, are already approaching.

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But not only medical care – part of the activities should also include expanding the weekly market assortment in Oberreut. To this end, it wants to make greater efforts to find new stands and market assortments by the city “in active contact with new candidates”.

Will the project be extended to other parts of the city?

However, when exactly these four steps are to be started and completed has yet to be determined, despite all the initial plans. The same applies to the cost of implementing ISEK measures. Nevertheless, the project was very well received by Karlsruhe city councils last Tuesday – so large that if it bears fruit, it could be extended to other parts of the city in the future.

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