The end of November is finally over

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Conclusion: The Schliersee Senior Residence will soon have to stop operating. © Thomas Plettenberg

The County Office banned the activity of the senior Schliersee residence. This makes it official: the scandalous house must finally cease operations by the end of November at the latest.

Schliersee – Starost Olaf von Löwis admits that from the end of November he will be able to sleep more peacefully. Not a day has passed since he took office that he did not think about the inhabitants of the Schliersee nursing home, the staroste said yesterday. He, the county office and the FQA (former home caretaker) would do anything to improve the situation in the scandalous house. Nothing helped. Now the authorities have made the only decision they have left: the seniors’ residence must be operational by November 30, the spokeswoman said on Monday. Löwis: “It was probably the most difficult and stressful decision in my entire tenure.”

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Schliersee senior residence: the end of November is finally over

The decision marks the final end of a retirement home. As we reported, the admission freeze imposed by the County Office made the operation unprofitable a long time ago. The termination of the contract for delivery by nursing care funds by the end of September deprived the house of its economic basis: from then on, only patients who pay by themselves can be looked after there. The ban on business activity by the starosty now also means a legal end. There will be no senior’s residence from December. Point.

In this way, the starosty determined the boundary in the matter of retirement homes. Authorities had already made their first complaint against the house shortly after Löwi took office in May 2020, and have so moved forward, as the county mayor has stressed on several occasions. Since then, it has carried out 32 consultations and inspections there and has tried to fill the gaps with conditions and fines. At that time, “a few other ads” were added about document-related personal injury and crime, a spokeswoman said. However, authorities have only now gathered the necessary evidence to be able to jump over the high closing hurdles.

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Acquaintance: The operator has already laid off workers

Senior residence operator Sereni Orizzonti is apparently already bearing the consequences of this decision: workers have already received their notifications or will receive them in the next few days, according to people familiar with the situation. It also seems to mean that Italians probably are reluctant to sue the business ban.

The lack of improvements, which Löwis cites as the reason for the layoffs, may be due to the fact that senior residence operator Sereni Orizzonti has apparently been trying to get rid of the house for months, rather than improving the situation. On June 12, the Italians asked him for help in finding a new operator – says Peter Albrich. He is a man with good connections who connects investors and operators with homes looking for new leadership. Four years ago, he brokered Italy in a retirement home and other homes in Germany.

So they turned to him again. When Albrich asked for the usual fee, they never contacted again. Nevertheless, he was looking for the right experts to save the company. However, the information from the Italians came hesitatingly or not at all. This is one of the reasons why, according to Albrich, there is no new operator in the retirement home.

There is an interested party. Albrich found him with no prospect of payment because, he says, he feels morally obligated to his household. Experts also conducted talks with the Poviat Starosty. However, due to the lack of cooperation between Italians, there is no agreement. The result: even if a potential customer takes over the retirement home one day, he will miss the remaining 46 residents of the 142-seat home.

The business ban has almost no effect on them: they still have to be moved by the end of the month due to termination by the nursing care funds.

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