Willie Buntz in Livenet-Talk – “What the living God has done to me!”

Willie Buntz at Livenet Talk

William Buntz is known to hundreds of thousands in German-speaking countries as a “Bible smoker.” The life story of the man who met Jesus while burning the pages of the Bible in prison is touching. This gentleman takes a lot of interest to him, he says in a conversation.

Wilhelm Buntz’s life story actually reads like a thriller: when he was a child, his mother abandoned him on the side of the road somewhere outside the city of Ulm. Hospitals are watchingstays in us and at home, unsuccessful school career and finally the road to crime. He has committed nearly 150 crimes. After the murder, he is sentenced to 14 years in prison. While burning pages of the Bible in a prison cell, he gets stuck on a New Testament passage, the Sermon on the Mount, and thus gets to know Jesus Christ. Turning to God leads to the fact that Buntz confesses to the prosecutor all his other crimes that could not be proven criminally.

These are just a few stations in the dramatic life story of Willie Buntz, which he tells in the book “The Bible Palar”. The book appeared in eleven (!) Editions in three years and has since been translated into French, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian. The reach of the video IDEA “Königskinder”, in which Buntz talks about the life-changing power of God, is also large. 998,000 people clicked this video on YouTube alone.

On the road as ex-con

Willie Buntz reports in a Livenet interview, which took place via the Zoom videoconference, that he receives between 30 and 40 requests to attend speeches per day. The Lord makes him very busy. It is now fully booked for next year. “I travel a lot and already arrange meetings for 2024 and 2025. Before this interview here in Livenet, I had just met journalists who wanted to interview me for a large French newspaper. ‘

It is especially sought after in problem areas such as Kiez in St. Pauli. For example, at a table dance bar in the Red Light District, he spoke at an Advent service late last year, which was particularly strong.

Fire and flame for Jesus

Even today, almost 40 years after his conversion in a lonely prison cell in Bruchsal, Willie Buntz is unstoppable when he talks about the love of Jesus. Yes, I love Jesus! What the living God made of me! So beautiful! », He is seething in Livenet’s conversation. Today it is very important for him to refer to the Word of God. Even then, people would recommend all kinds of literature from Wilhelm Busch, Billy Graham, and whatever they were called, but he let himself be filled with God’s Word every day. “I read the word of God and let Jesus give me gifts.”

In her actions, she also points to the great importance of the Bible: “Over the weekend I spoke in women’s night,” Willie relates, “after the sermon, a woman came up to me and asked if she could buy my book. . So I ask, do you have a Bible at home? She denies it. So I tell her to buy a Bible first, and then my book. This is what she did.

Light of the World

Thanks to his past bad deeds, he understands perfectly well what forgiveness means, as the Bible smoker continues in his speech. At that time, on September 12, 1983 at 6:06 am, when he turned to Jesus in a cell in the Bruchsal prison, these words of Jesus’ mercy pierced him deeply. He experienced God standing by his word as he experienced forgiveness in his heart and then his sins himself as commanded in 1 John (chapter 1, verse 9: “But if we confess our sins, it proves that God is faithful and righteous: he will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all evil ”) confessed to the prosecutor and then, step by step, to the victims and their relatives. Even today, she still relies on the word of God and simply tries to be obedient.

At the very beginning of his biography, Wilhelm Buntz includes the following two quotes that once again emphasize the power of forgiveness and the light that comes with it:

«Man is never as beautiful as when he asks for forgiveness or forgives himself.»
Jean Paul, German poet, journalist and educator

«You are the light of the world. »
Matthew 5:14

It is this quote from Jesus about the light of the world that occupies him a lot as he watches God’s children today, says Buntz: “When you go to church today, you always hear the same sentence: The world is getting darker and darker. But when Jesus says you are the light of the world, then something is wrong. The Bible makes it very clear that light casts out darkness. That is why I often say to other children of God: We need to be kindled anew by Jesus Christ so that we may be torch-bearers for Jesus Christ. “

You can listen to Livenet’s full-length conversation with Wilhelm Buntz here:

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