Börse Express – ROUNDUP / Aktien New York Conclusion: Dow follows Nasdaq upwards

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Investors were gradually emerging from hiding on Wall Street on Thursday. The gas pipeline that was reactivated in Europe and the significant interest rate hike by the ECB initially did not give a clear impetus, as did the mixed data on companies. However, over time, investors gradually became bolder and all major US indices clearly reached the plus and six-week highs.

A positive pioneer was the technologically advanced Nasdaq exchange with the Nasdaq 100 index selected with a strong wind back Tesla – Numbers increased by 1.44% up to 12,619.41 points. S&P 500 then 0.99 percent to 3,998.95 points and just hit the 4,000 mark. Dow Jones Industrial He had to fight for a long break, but it ended up at 32,036.90 points, a comfortable plus of 0.51 percent.

The market said investors were still considering the impact of recent geopolitical and monetary policy developments on growth and whether the stock market could hit bottom. Economic data from the US sent rather bad signals: In addition to weak weekly labor market data, the leading index and the business climate in the Philadelphia region fell more than expected.

Tesla papers became a major supporter for the Nasdaq: with a price jump of almost ten percent, they returned above $ 800 for the first time since May. In the second quarter, the electric car maker nearly doubled its quarterly earnings, despite China’s corona lockout and supply chain problems, exceeding analyst estimates. The company is now expecting a “record” second half of the year.

At Dow, the technical values ​​contained therein also supported the Nasdaq rally. Cisco documents
Apple and Salesforce
saw increases from 1.0 to 1.6 percent. Only Goldman Sachs recorded even greater profits, reaching 1.9%.
and the aircraft manufacturer Boeing whose stocks continued the recent recovery. They are now more than 40 percent higher than in mid-June.

Besides, there have been very few positive reports in the Dow. Chevron oil company they suffered at a 0.8% discount from falling oil prices and reporting companies also found themselves at the bottom of the leading index. These include the Travelers property insurer and the chemical company Dow with price losses of 0.9 and 2.2 percent, respectively. Both saw declining quarterly earnings.

Things have gotten really gloomy for AT&T investors who had to accept a 7.6 percent drop in prices. after presenting business data. This was blamed on the reduction in target cash flow as more and more customers were failing to pay their phone bills. The weakness has spread to an entire industry, such as declines in Verizon stock prices and T-Mobile USA
up to 3.1%

It was also a big hit with airline shareholders, with United Airlines stock plummeting after the recent boom in the travel industry by 10.2 percent After a long period of losses, the group returned to the upside in the second quarter, but analysts expected more. Also American airlines could not convince with his results, as shown by minus 7.4 percent.

But there were also companies that were able to convince with their business data. So touched Danaher 9.1 percent to and Philip Morris by 4.2% In both cases, the second quarter was said to have exceeded expectations. The tobacco company also referred to the good outlook for the third quarter.

In the currency market, the euro accelerated along with the stock market. Recently, the price has risen again above $ 1.02 to $ 1.0219. The ECB previously set the reference rate at USD 1.0199, ie at the Wednesday level.

US Treasury bonds also rose, which was justified by weak economic data. The Treasury’s 10-year futures contract rose 1.05 percent to 119.02 points. Your return was 2.88 percent./tih/he

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