Does my partner want to break up? 10 Signs Of A Breakup


Breakups can be difficult. It doesn’t help that sometimes the end of a relationship is predictable. But: Many only see these signs when it is too late. This does not have to happen if you recognize and apply the following warning signals in a timely manner.

The best way to find out how your relationship is doing is to talk openly and honestly with your partner. To find out if it is necessary at all, we have put together a few signs for you that suggest that your partner may want to end the relationship.

10 signs your breakup might be imminent


You don’t talk to each other anymore.

You don’t make plans anymore or talk about the future.

Your plans for the future do not match.

Spending time together is perceived as burdensome.

There is a feeling.

Your partner’s mind is still somewhere else.

You are not physically close anymore.

More criticism than praise.

Your partner constantly sees the negatives of truly happy memories.

Your partner has become apathetic.

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