Dresden: Kaisermania in Dresden: Everything you need to know about the Roland Kaiser concert on the banks of the Elbe

Kaisermania in Dresden: Everything you need to know about the Roland Kaiser concert on the banks of the Elbe

Is my Roland Kaiser ticket still valid? Are there any tickets left? When is the party? And will there be a TV broadcast again? The most important responses to Kaisermania 2022.

Here comes the Kaiser: Schlager star Roland Kaiser is celebrating his 70th birthday with his fans with six concerts on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden.
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Dresden. The wait is over: pop star Roland Kaiser returns to Dresden for Kaisermania! The singer will present his first concerts on the banks of the Elbe this weekend in July. What you need to know in advance and how to get tickets now – the most important questions and answers about Kaisermania at a glance.

When and where is Kaisermania held in Dresden?

After three years of waiting, Kaisermania 2022 will be a hit in superlatives: not four concerts, but six, Roland Kaiser will play on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden and will give his fans a special gift for his 70th birthday. Since 2003, Kaisermania has been held every summer during the Film Night on Königsufer (between the Carola and Augustus bridges from the Neustadt side). The dates for this year are:

  • Friday, July 29
  • Saturday, July 30
  • Sunday July 31
  • Thursday, August 4
  • Friday, August 5
  • Saturday, August 6

Are old tickets for Kaisermania in Dresden still valid?

Unlike many other concerts on the Elbe which were canceled due to the crown, tickets for Kaisermania 2020 and Kaisermania 2021, which the city ultimately did not authorize, did not automatically remain valid but were canceled and converted into vouchers. Ticketholders should have received this in an email from Eventim last fall.

They had a right of pre-emption then, before ticket sales for Kaisermania 2022 officially began in November last year. 60,000 concert tickets were sold within 24 hours. About 70,000 people are expected to attend six Roland Kaiser concerts.

Are there any tickets for Kaisermania on the Elbe?

Sold out, sold out, sold out: all three Kaisermania dates for the last weekend of July are marked as such on the website of the movie nights on the Elbe. Same picture with due dates in early August. But are there really no tickets left for any of the six shows?

In fact, tickets for the Roland Kaiser are no longer available at Eventim – but fans can still get lucky: you can buy tickets from other fans on the Fansale website, currently (as of July 21) starting at € 80.50 for the very first gig on July 29. . It is cheaper than the original price of 85 euros. The most expensive offer for this date is currently a good 630 euro for three tickets. Fans can also receive individual tickets for the remaining concert evenings.

What should I do if the name on my ticket needs to be changed?

Tickets for Roland Kaiser concerts on the Elbe are personalized, i.e. bear the surname of the owner. But what if the name needs to be changed because, for example, I bought a ticket via fan exchange?

“Please come to our ticket office on site with all documents (ticket, proof of purchase, ID card) on the day of the event in order to personalize the tickets” – the organizers write about it. The employees then checked the documents on the spot and adjusted them accordingly. Here it is important to be there in good time before the concert starts as admission will take a little longer.

When is the admission to Roland Kaiser concerts in Dresden?

Roland Kaiser concerts start at different times and admission opens approximately two hours earlier. Specific dates:

  • Friday, July 29: Admission 6:00 PM – start 8:15 PM
  • Saturday July 30: Admission 6:00 PM – start 8:15 PM
  • Sunday July 31: Admission 5.30pm – start 7.30pm
  • Thursday August 4: Admission 5:30 pm – start 7:30 pm
  • Friday August 5: Admission 6:00 PM – start 8:00 PM
  • Saturday, August 6: admission 6:00 p.m. – start 8:00 p.m.

The organizers ask you to arrive at the venue in good time and have your tickets and photo ID ready. For die-hard fans who want to be in the front row, we recommend arriving early anyway.

Can I take my children to Kaisermania and do they need their own ticket?

Children from the age of six can also visit Kaisermania, but they should wear hearing protection as a matter of urgency. The same goes for them: a ticket is mandatory to hear the Kaiser.

Will there be a Kaisermania TV broadcast again?

If you can’t attend the concerts and don’t want to move to the Elbe meadows next to the venue, you still have the option to follow one of the concerts live on MDR TV. The station will broadcast the Kaisermania concert on July 30 from

What’s the best way to get to the banks of the Elbe?

The most convenient way to get to the banks of the Elbe is by tram – with the exception of bicycles, directly via the Elberadweg. Lines 3, 7 and 8 lead to “Carolaplatz”, from there you walk towards Carolabrücke and then turn right down to the Film Evenings site directly on the Elbe. Lines 4 and 9 lead to “Neustädter Markt”. Then only a few meters to the concert venue.

If you are arriving by car, you may have to look for a parking space for a while. Several parking spaces are available at Wiesentorstraße, Sarrasanistraße and Theresienstraße. People with mobility impairments can use the car park of the Ministry of Finance at Wiesentorstrasse. There are 20 parking spaces for them. Access is on the path above the Königsufer in Carolabrücke, then please report to the staff.

What else do I need to consider in the case of Kaisermania?

It is forbidden to bring food and drinks to the concert venue. However, different food and drink options are available on site. You can pay with cash, EC, Visa and Master cards, as well as V PAY, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Film Nights card and more – all popular card formats, as well as smartphones and smartwatches. Only American Express is not accepted. You are not allowed to bring your seat as it is a standing concert.

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