Harry Styles in Berlin: The King of the Watchful

Harry Styles is in Berlin on the hottest day of the year. Is there a connection? “Of course it’s not a coincidence!” Exclaims Zoe of Pankow. She and four friends are waiting for a party outside the Mercedes Benz Arena. They are all wearing blue shorts and multicolored short blouses, standing side by side to form a happy rainbow. Hundreds of feather boas stick to the sweaty skin of their wearers this Wednesday night, makeup running and hand cramps from fans. Nevertheless, there is a collective bliss, tears of despair only flow from those who have just bought fake tickets to a sold-out concert for big money.

“Love on the road” is a promise for the evening that Harry Styles can finally keep after two postponements due to the pandemic. “I only ask you for one thing,” he announces at the beginning of the program: “Have as much fun today as possible. Sing, dance and do what you want. Be the person you always wanted to be! ” He then asks everyone in the audience to hold hands, if of course they don’t feel uncomfortable. “Now address the person on the left and say you love her.” The oath should be on the right: “I will take care of you.” Then with my eyes closed: “I love you too.”

The beginning of a career in casting

Here we are briefly recalling the arrival of Billie Eilish, who a few weeks earlier in the same room had evoked love, understanding, and gentleness in a very similar way. Both mega-stars follow Lady Gaga’s tradition, but while the self-proclaimed “Mama Monster” announces its message by riding overgrown unicorns before chopping its wing, as if Donald Trump bills are on the keyboards, and then lacquered dancers tremble among them, the younger generation prefers restraint.

Like Billie Eilish, Harry Styles doesn’t change costumes or complicated sets during his performance, instead relying solely on his voice and charisma – traits that have turned him from a teenage star to a style icon and one of the most popular modern pop stars. in twelve years it was possible, even beyond the Z generation.

Styles’ career began with the talent show as a member of the band One Direction, which was formed for the British version of The X Factor. The five teens only finished third, but nonetheless got a record deal with Sony and became superstars with songs such as “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Story of My Life”. Since 2017, Harry Styles has released three solo albums, the most recent of which is Harry’s House in May last year. The songs on it are funky, lively, nostalgic, but not retro, they are about independence, joy of life and sex.

Sweet watermelon juice

The singer in the past has often flirted with his erotic preferences, but ultimately left unanswered the question of whether he also loves men. Not only did he make friends with the LGBTQ community, but some accused him of so-called “Queerbaiting”, that is, adopting the queer aesthetics without professing it explicitly. Styles became the first man to appear solo on the cover of American Vogue in December 2020, wearing a ruffled Gucci evening gown and a tuxedo over it.

It does not irritate its fans, who clearly dominate the Mercedes Benz Arena, on the contrary. Showing style attributes with feminine connotations has a special charm, of course, especially as it connects them openly with a positive sexual attitude. In “Kino” it says: “If you get wet for me / I think you are all mine / You sleep with me in this bed.” One of Styles’ most successful songs, “Watermelon Sugar”, is a hymn to the intoxication of a minetka. This also explains why the young woman in the first row pulled a huge melon over her head.

In fact, most songs focus on women’s needs, not just sexual. In “Matylda” the woman sung is encouraged to leave her family who does not love her, in “Boys” it is about men who do not appreciate their partners. When Styles sings these songs, he is accompanied by three women who make up half of his band. “Thank you, Harry” comes a loud scream from the crowd. Like other things tonight, it feels too harmonious, such as when a singer approaches a girl named Zora who holds a sign in the air that reads “Help me go out to mom”. Of course, he does it willingly and passes the message on to Mamie Annette, who is further in the country. Tears of joy are flowing, the rainbow flag is waved together. Almost exactly the same situation happened two weeks ago at a concert in Hamburg. Probably Zora was inspired by it, otherwise you cannot assume.

Too good to be true, there is criticism inspired fans refuse to hear on a night like this. Why would they? “Take care of each other, be kind to each other and to each other,” cries Harry Styles. It is worth a try.

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