Having fun together: X game ideas that are fun for kids and parents

According to a Lego study, we play too little with our children. It’s time to change that! Because it is not only fun for our children, but also for us parents! Summer is also great for trying out new games and maybe even doing new family rituals.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you should play with your kids every day – but spending time with your family on a regular basis is just so much fun. And not only your kids, but you too.

We should all play more!

According to LEGO’s 2022 report “Play Well”, about 84 percent of children surveyed would like to play more with their parents. A total of 39 percent. perceives their parents’ work as an obstacle, so they do not play together more often.

But the study also found that having fun together is also good for parents and has a positive effect on them. Appeal: We should all play more – urgently! Consequently, both parents and children benefit greatly from regular, creative breaks and moments of play. And not only that: as a neurologist prof. dr. André Zimpel has found that “playing prevents exhaustion and burnout” in parents – breaking up scheduled days from morning to night.

Playing helps children turn off and relax. This way they calm down after an exciting day and also feel better inside themselves. Especially in the early years, children do it very intuitively. The LEGO study found that many adults and parents have lost this trait and find it difficult or impossible to switch off: “About half of all Germans still work on to-do lists in their spare time. More than two-thirds of them can only relax when all the tasks are really done … ”But especially children can show us how we can be back in the moment and regain a little lightness. Play for a better mood? It doesn’t sound bad at all. And also prof. dr. Zimpel confirms: “For parents, play is a unique opportunity to meet their children at eye level. Anyone who plays with their children develops an understanding of their wishes and concerns. “

Dilemma: kids want to play, right?

As a parent, however, you don’t always have the time or the inclination to sit and play with your children in the children’s room or to go to the playground all the time.

But: that’s not the point at all. Not? No, just playing together or even delivering an entire entertainment program is not the case here. Because: free play itself is still an important part of a child’s development. It is about conscious and active spending of time together. And it can look the way it suits you and your children best. It doesn’t matter if you play board games for three hours or an hour outside. You will find that children will enjoy their time in a completely different way – undivided attention AND playing with something (maybe new) fun is priceless and they will surely remember those days with great fondness later on. You too – with a satisfied, and maybe a bit longing smile on your face. Playing together also allows parents to recharge their batteries.

Try to set aside time to play regularly – if that helps, you can also enter the date of the next match on your family calendar or do it spontaneously, whichever suits you best. It’s important to make sure you have enough time to fully commit to the game. You will see that the connection is completely different than normal: maybe more relaxed, more talkative – you can exchange ideas freely. Most importantly, you create shared memories through what you experience together. And ultimately you all benefit from it as a family.

These 7 game ideas are great fun for kids and parents

Of course, the choice of the game also depends on the age of the golden treasures. Here we are inspired by a few game ideas for kids of all ages:

# 1 Boules or bocce tournament

Few utensils, simple rules: boccia balls or balls are perfect for playing together outdoors. And because they’re so compact, you can use them at home or on vacation and play against each other.

# 2 board games

This idea is certainly not new, but we keep forgetting how much fun party games can actually be. You can explain to the kids in advance which games they want to play: Memory or Uno are great for the little ones, while the older ones might be more interested in Monopoly or Ludo. You decide what the game will be. If you don’t like the game at all, it might be time to download new games from your library or game store.

# 3 Family games

Gameboy fans from the past will rejoice: how about a round of Mario Kart or another game if your kids are fans of it too? They will surely enjoy showing you what they are playing, and you may even have a completely different idea for games that your kids will find interesting.

# 4 Depth Fees

Of course, water bombs are great for cooling down in the summer. And they are also easy to make. Balloons, water – ready! This idea is much more fun than the others, but is at least as fun and refreshing in no time.

# 5 Viking Chess (Kubb)

The original Scandinavian wood throwing game has long made a name for itself. It’s best to play on grass, split into two teams, and you’re done. Also great on vacation.

# 6 On a trip of discovery

Geocaching may take a little longer, but it’s for the whole family. Adventurers small and large get their money here, and a common search binds you together. Alternatively, you can, for example, go on an exploratory hike in the woods, do something like a scavenger hunt.

# 7 leaves party

Whether Stadt-Land-Fluss is differently (and more child-friendly) with categories such as children’s movies and series, children’s books and games for older children, or coloring games for younger children – games with and on paper can be just as fun and joyful. In the coloring game, each family member draws a head, folds the page (so that others cannot see what is drawn) and passes it to one person. He stretches his neck, folds the paper again and passes on – the game is over when the feet are drawn. Sometimes quite funny images are created. Of course, you can also agree to animals or items – it’s entirely up to you.

Sources used: kindergesundheit-info.de, LEGO study


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