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(from left to right): Christian Traumann (Managing Director of MULTIVAC), Julian Hirschmann (BRK Stand-by Bad Wiggensbach), Sarah Huber (Vice-President of JAV MULTIVAC), Sabrina Endres (President of JAV MULTIVAC), Tobias Essmann (assistant first of the Bad Rescue Team) Grönenbach), Larissa Ledermann (Medical Director, First Responder Bad Grönenbach). (Photo: Multivac)

To support community involvement in the region, MULTIVAC donated € 3,000 to two voluntary organizations – First Responders from Bad Grönenbach and the Bavarian Red Cross from Wiggensbach. The representatives of the company’s youth and interns raised some of the money at the fair.

Wine bottles, hand-painted coffee pots from South Africa, argan oil from Morocco: companies often collect hundreds of gifts from customers all over the world during the year. But what to do with it? How to fairly share gifts? The Youth and Trainee Representatives (JAV) found the answer at MULTIVAC: 18.2. tomorrow’s specialists have organized a fair at the company’s headquarters in Wolfertschwandern. Hundreds of employees searched through the gifts. And they bought what they liked. “Have a coffee, take a walk, look at the gifts, talk to your friends. The bazaar was very well received by our employees, ”says Sabrina Endres, president of JAV at MULTIVAC. But the event was not only fun. The cash register also called. “We received EUR 555 from the sale. Our management has generously rounded the amount up to EUR 3,000. At our JAV meeting, we then decided to split the amount of money between the two organizations that the volunteers bear. ” The official handover of checks took place on July 19. in Wolfertschwandern.

1,500 euros for the first rescuers from Bad Grönebach

The First Responder in Bad Grönenbach – founded by the Volunteer Fire Department and the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) – enjoyed an injection of 1,500 euros in cash. In an emergency, people can notify a team of 17 qualified paramedics at the same time as the emergency physician. Advantage: Due to their physical proximity and knowledge of the area, rescuers can reach the scene of an accident up to eight minutes faster than an ambulance doctor in the municipalities of Bad Grönenbach and Wolfertschwandern – minutes that can be crucial for first aid, especially in the case of heart attacks and strokes . A concept with impressive achievements: In 2021, First Responders assisted in 117 operations – including 69 heart attacks or strokes and six childhood emergencies. “It is impressive how the team works tirelessly on the lives of the people in the region,” says Christian Traumann, Managing Director at MULTIVAC. “A voluntary commitment, for which we thank you with a financial injection from the heart.”

1,500 euros for the readiness of BRK Wiggensbach

MULTIVAC handed over another check for EUR 1,500 to the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) duty officer in Wiggensbach. The organization and its approximately 20 members have become an integral part of the community since 1982. Whether it is a club party, a football match, a carnival parade or a corporate event – the medical service of BRK Standby Wiggensbach provides fast emergency assistance. If necessary, helpers also coordinate transport to the hospital. And if there is a mass accident, for example after a train accident, volunteer rescuers work hand in hand with the German Red Cross Rescue Service. Consequently, they also perform an important role in disaster preparedness. “The rescuers from the Wiggensbach BRK preparedness team are wholeheartedly involved in the lives of other people and without pay,” says Traumann. “We would also like to thank you for this social commitment with a check for 1,500 euros.”

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