Return of “Runrig” in Attendorn: you get goosebumps after the show

The band “Beat The Drum” delighted 1000 viewers at Burg Schnellenberg in Attendorn. Fans remember – and have a wish.

The cult Scottish band action They said goodbye to their fans in August 2018 at the highly acclaimed double concert at Stirling Castle. But the music of the folk rock group, which is also popular in Germany and Scandinavia, and the magic of their songs lives on. It was impressively shown by the concert of the tribute band Runrig “Beat The Drum” as part of the Attendorn Cultural Summer in front of the background Schnellenberg Castle.

In Germany, temperatures were well over 30 degrees for several days, and extreme dryness, drought and the imminent threat of forest fires made headlines. As soon as the six members of the band around the Scottish singer and frontman Richie Muir, from Nottingham, played the first chords, it started to rain. But that didn’t bother most of the 1,000 viewers, many of them Runrig fans for decades. They sang along to the lyrics of Celtic rock band songs such as “Proterra”, “Book of Golden Tales” or “Hearts of Olden Glory”. Goosebumps exploded as Skye-born bassist Duncan MacDonald sang the Gaelic classic “Alba”.

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“It must be so,” emphasized Jörg Unna, like his three friends who came with him, had been a fan of Runrig for decades after the concert at Burg Schnellenberg. To perform “Beat the Drum”, by the way, the first of six musicians from the British Isles on the European continent, had to do four from the Ruhr due to the blockade A 45 near Lüdenscheid a longer ‘overland’ journey was accepted. “We really liked it, they were so close to the original,” said Jörg, praising Jason Laing’s guitar playing, who is from Lewis Island. The Unna man knows what he’s talking about. He has been a fan of the Scottish folk rock band since 1985, has participated in many concerts and was also present at the emotional farewell at Stirling Castle on August 18, 2018.

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Michael Schuster heard Runrig for the first time in Mid-90s At A Friend’s House. Since then, the man from Attendorn who ran a famous fashion store in the city center has been a strong supporter of the band, founded in 1973 by brothers Rory and Calum Macdonald and Blair Douglas. Schuster heard the Scotsmen live for the first time in Cologne. Three concerts are particularly unforgettable for him: on July 20, 2013. Edinburgh for the 40th anniversary, a week later the Loreley performance and of course a double goodbye in Stirling on August 17th and 18th, 2018 “It was very emotional, there were a lot of tears,” Michael Schuster still remembers well.

During “Beat the Drum”, Schuster hit the drum vigorously in the Runrig community. Even before the tribute band’s performance, the man from Attendorn, wearing the right style in a T-shirt from the anniversary concert in Edinburgh in 2013, was sure: “The boys are super friendly.” A little later, Michael Schuster stood in front of the stage with his family and waved the Scottish flag that he always brought to Runrig concerts. “The Scottish guys were very close to the original. They let Runrig’s music live on a great live show. ”Schuster was not disappointed.

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Doris and Bernd Strotkemper have been fans of Runrig for 30 years Ennest. Most of all, they both remember the 2007 concert in the legendary Loch Ness, for which they were with their friends. “Dogs and cats it rained for eight hours.” Therefore, Wednesday night showers were not a problem for the Strotkempers. “We like it a lot,” the Ennesters enjoyed a live performance from their favorite band.

But the six musicians from Beat the Drum also liked it. After the show, the band’s Facebook page said: “Attendorn, Germany ….. what can we say? One of the hottest weeks in German history, over 39 days all day and thirty seconds to set … the skies opened … great time! It fits strangely with the running kit! Thank you for welcoming us to your country. We cannot say how honored we are to be invited to play these amazing songs for you! “

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Jörg from Unna has one more wish. “Perhaps Runrig will meet again for the band’s 50th anniversary in 2023 at a concert in Scotland. Tickets would be sold out in the blink of an eye. ” But it will probably remain a dream. The reality was the ballad “Loch Lomond”, which after more than two hours and a few encores ended the concert “Beat the Drum”.

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