Sustainable purchasing in the event industry

The initiative “16 steps by 2025 – For a climate neutral event industry” presents the third step: the transition to sustainable procurement. The initiative provides information on why sustainable purchasing is key to tackling climate change and what economic opportunities a sustainable supply chain offers – not just for the event industry.

With the shift to sustainable procurement, the “16 steps to 2025 – towards climate-neutral event management” initiative announces its third step. A sustainable purchasing strategy with a sustainable and climate neutral supply chain ensures constant optimization and quality improvement, as well as innovation and new sustainable products and services in harmony with nature and society.


The current SAP study confirms the positive economic effect of a sustainable business strategy.

Stefan Lohmann is an expert in the concept of live entertainment and sustainability. As one of the initiators of the 16 Steps initiative, it confirms the results of the SAP study: “Sustainability is not an additional burden, but a strategy that changes what is important in business: earning money, reducing costs and risk as well as optimization, quality improvement and innovation.

Anyone who implements a sustainable purchasing strategy in the company and controls and calculates its impact on the climate and society sees the threats, weaknesses and real costs. It can reduce them and, together with suppliers, improve its own supply chain. The joint transformation path offers customers and suppliers new opportunities for cooperation, quality improvement and innovation potential.

All commitments to carbon neutrality will not bring significant value if not combined with business goals that are in harmony with society and nature. Businesses need a sustainability strategy that is considered as important as finance when running a business. With sustainable purchasing that balances social, economic and environmental aspects, the event industry becomes part of the solution. “

Politics and business should understand and use the event industry as part of the solution.

Thanks to its broad reach and emotional access to the majority of the population, the event industry offers a unique selling point that politics and business can use to make a tangible realization of sustainable products and services (CTS Eventim alone sold over 250 million tickets in 2018, plus all other ticket vendors, locations and business events with millions of registrations at corporate events, fairs, conferences, etc.).

The potential of the event industry and the value of events that have a positive impact on society and the economy have not yet been fully recognized.

More general information

– Deep Dive – The 16 Steps Initiative offers the topic of sustainable purchasing in the accompanying information document or upon request.

On the initiative “16 steps to 2025 – towards a climate-neutral event management”

“Sustainability is not a problem in the event industry, but a solution,” says sustainability expert Stefan Lohmann. “The common goal must be to make the industry fit for the future and turn it into a sustainable, responsible business model.” Together with the MEET GERMANY industry network, Lohmann has developed a phased plan with “16 steps” to make the event industry as climate neutral as possible by 2025. Each quarter, the initiators present selected sustainable projects and campaigns, as well as general trends and development directions. Recommendations for activities related to climate neutrality in the event industry were also given. There will be exchanges, workshops, panels etc at each stage to promote the activation and implementation of the steps.

The “16 steps” is based on the Sustainability Rider, a condensed checklist for sustainable events that Lohmann developed with the support of EMAS and ISO experts and successfully applied to the first projects.

The initiators gained strong partners as followers. Not only industry associations, networks and companies from the green economy and the event industry are involved in the “16 steps” program and ensure visibility in their surroundings.

Free download Sustainability Rider with checklist:

16 steps by 2025 – Managing climate neutral events

Stefan Lohmann, CEO of Sustainable Event Solutions
Sustainable Development Checklist:

Supporting associations, companies, media and networks:
2N2K Germany eV – Sustainable network development in arts and culture eV
AVB Academy GmbH & Co. KG
BAUM eV – Sustainable Management Network
Federal Association for Sustainable Economy BNW eV
BOE INTERNATIONAL – International Experimental Marketing Fair
BVIK – Federal Association for Industrial Communications eV
Culture4Climate – An initiative for climate protection and sustainable development in the cultural sector
Convention International – A specialized magazine for the mouse industry
Wiesbaden Convention
German Event Association eV
DNP – German Sustainable Development Award
Conference office in Dusseldorf
party elevator
party novice
Sustainable Management Forum
GLS eG social bank
Green Chefs – honesty and responsibility in gastronomy
Kassel Conference Office
IBIT – Network and International Center for Education and Training for Event Safety
IMEX Group “Our only goal is to unite and develop the meetings industry”
ISDV – Community of Interests of Independent Service Providers in the Event Industry
memo-media Verlags-GmbH
Instytut Studiów Komunikacyjnych GmbH
UGA – Environmental Advisory Committee (EMAS) to the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection
Association of Event Organizers VDVO eV
VLLV Association of Light Designers, Light Operators and Media in the Event Industry
Association of German Sound Engineers VDT

16 steps initiative – steps published so far

Step – conversion to green electricity
Step – sustainable travel management
Step – Sustainable purchasing and supply chain in companies

Contact with the media:
Sustainable event solutions
Stefan Lohmann
0049 171 166 2517

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