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Thursday, 7/21/2022 2:12 PM from ARIVA.DE

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Tesla shares (Tesla shares) are currently traded slightly more strongly in US securities trading. Investors recently paid € 748.00 per share.

Tesla shareholders can be satisfied at the moment: The newspaper now shows a 2.35% increase in value. Compared to yesterday’s close, the rate gained EUR 17.20. At the moment, Tesla’s share costs € 748.00. The Tesla stock started trading today at EUR 748.00. The previous daily peak of the newspaper was EUR 758.10. Tesla’s share certificate now stands at € 332.00 – that’s 44.39 percent – off the record high.

Tesla company

Tesla Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium electric vehicles and a supplier of solar energy systems and energy storage solutions. The company develops and sells electric vehicles at various price points. Last fiscal year, Tesla made a net profit of $ 5.52 billion. Revenue was $ 53.8 billion. Another look at the business ledgers is scheduled for August 4, 2022.

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