20 scientifically proven signs your girlfriend is about to break up

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The relationship is not happy today and tomorrow. Dissatisfaction usually creeps in slowly.

Sometimes it goes unnoticed until it’s too late. But maybe you have a strange feeling and wonder if your girlfriend might not be happy with you anymore?

We’ve collected 20 scientifically proven signs that this feeling is not deceiving you.

20 scientifically proven signs your girlfriend is about to break up

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He doesn’t talk about his feelings or your relationship anymore

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He has a general life crisis

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She’s not planning anything with you anymore

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She doesn’t do anything with you anymore

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She doesn’t even talk to you anymore

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She doesn’t support you anymore

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You are no longer their priority

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She doesn’t have sex with you anymore

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He no longer treats you with respect

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She teases you all the time

He has secrets

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He forgets about joint meetings

Reunites with lonely friends

He doesn’t talk about his meetings with friends anymore

She is changing

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She is no longer interested in you and your life

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Do an inventory of your shared apartment

Avoids physical contact

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It moves away spatially

your intuition

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