Fans angry after extremely short-lived cancellation of the show

The rapper with the arrest warrant wanted to warm up his fans in Mannheim this week, but that shouldn’t be in the short term.Photo: / Torsten Gadegast

The rapper’s arrest warrant is in the process of catching up on the rescheduled tour: Aykut Anhan, because that’s the artist’s real name, should finally play Mannheim on Wednesday before the concert series continues in September. The show at Hafen49 was sold out and fans were full of anticipation.

After all, Haftzettel has been teasing the new album for a long time and (probably for that reason) also got a new look: in late June, he dyed his hair blonde in Eminem’s old style, and a little later wrote mysteriously: “The irrevocable difference between us is and remains: when will my album be released! Then you know who the artist is in this country! “

But then the Mannheim show was not to come – very soon. The audience had already gathered in the club, the concert night had begun, and it was only late in the evening that the guests found out that the arrest warrant would not be carried out at all. An alternate date has been hastily set, but fan disappointment remains.

Angry fans arrest for last minute cancellation

On Thursday, the translator “You know it’s a stop” tried to explain himself on Instagram: “Sorry, honestly and openly yesterday it was not possible for health reasons! I tried everything – but I didn’t want to come before you with 30 percent, you didn’t deserve that. “ He also thanked the localization team and added: “The most important thing for me: everyone gets their entry back 100 percent. It is out of the question. ”

The arrest warrant declares that the concert will be canceled.

The arrest warrant declares that the concert will be canceled.Image: Screenshot / Instagram / Warrant

We already found an alternate date for August 7 that Hafti and the club announced on social media. The rapper also published a video from the evening in which the excited front row raps to the words of his hit “RADW”.Most likely at that time still unaware that Haftbefehl had resigned from his immediate appeal.

However, initial concerns about the artist’s health quickly gave way to frustration with an Instagram post Hafen49 announcing a catch-up date. There, for example, an angry fan writes:

“Don’t pay my travel expenses for half the service. The concert could have been canceled at noon! There is no sickness that starts 1.5 hours before the show.”

The club’s statement followed: “No, the concert could not be canceled at noon. Does anyone even understand how such concerts are organized and planned? If an artist does not feel up to his health, it can happen in a very short time.

The same commentator suspected an excuse for this statement: “And how can you arrange an entire substitute show so quickly? You want sincere understanding, then just be honest. “ However, the concert location did not respond to this. Instead, fans should reassure themselves by announcing even more guest surprises for the next show.

Capital Bra also canceled appearances

The arrest warrant itself also contained exact details of the concert’s cancellation after it was briefly explained. However, he’s not the first rapper to have to cancel shows earlier this year. Capital Bra also canceled its performance at the festival on short notice. All other concerts took place a little later. He cited “family events” as the reason, and sometimes he even withdrew from the public altogether.

The anger over this was limited as it was a festival performance, not a solo performance. Nevertheless, it certainly irritates many fans that after two years of the crown pandemic, they cannot experience their favorite artists live as planned.


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