How to start an online business in the healthcare niche

This is one of the hottest niches since the beginning of history: health and wellness. People, regardless of their origin, culture or economic status, want to be happy and healthy. And they are happy to buy products or treatments that will help them with this.

It is one of the best markets to do online business. In fact, health and wellness is a $ 4.2 trillion industry worldwide! This means there is plenty of room for new businesses. And now you can secure your piece of cake.

Identify key healthcare niches

When it comes to your company’s niche, it should be in a desired, profitable niche market so that you know you are going to sell something. Perfectly find a niche that you are passionate about. Perhaps the disease you are suffering from. Or a problem that one of your family members is struggling with.

Remember that you don’t need to be an expert or a professional to make a profit in the market. You can share your own experiences, research and publish information from other sources, and / or interview other experts to provide content and information relevant to your market.

But remember you want a demand. So research industry trends, bestseller lists on sites like Amazon, see what sells on nightly news ads and on store shelves. What’s on the talk shows on TV during the day? What are people talking about on Facebook? This should give you a long list of currently gaining popularity products that you can target your business at.

Here are some of the key niches in today’s healthcare market:

  • Digestive health / gut health
  • weight loss
  • anti aging
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • back and neck pain
  • hair loss
  • Skin protection
  • heartburn
  • tiredness
  • reproductive health
  • Healthy Eating

You will find that these are all problems that will not go away anytime soon. One mistake many people make when entering the health and wellness market is that they are jumping into fashion (like a trendy diet).

You should be sure that your offer is an “evergreen” topic, one that will survive and stand the test of time.

This doesn’t mean you can catch and take advantage of emerging and disappearing fashion trends, you just don’t want your entire business revolving around one fashion or trend.

Find products for sale in your healthcare niche

The great thing about running an online business in a healthcare niche – or any other e-commerce niche, really – is that you don’t have to develop your own products. You don’t want to, especially if you are new to the industry as it takes time, money, expense, and risk. Instead, you will use the work and knowledge of others. And don’t worry – it’s a good thing.

You have several ways to make money in a healthcare niche without creating your own products.


In the online dropshipping business model, you promote products through your website and marketing activities. You accept orders from customers. You then contact your dropshipping partner, typically a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, and order the product at a lower price. They ship the product to your customer for a fee. And you keep the difference.

In most cases it is fully automated. Just promote and promote the products and generate sales, the rest of the ordering and delivery process is handled by dropshipping.

The big advantage is that you don’t have to deal with storing large stocks or shipping orders to your customers. You shift that responsibility onto your partners. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to take the risk of investing in product development, inventory, and all the other problems and costs involved in developing your own products.

Once you find a deal that works well, you can consider building the product yourself if you can make more money from it than a third party.

Affiliate Marketing

As with direct selling, affiliate marketing allows you to transfer most of your online sales work to others. However, there are some key differences. In this business model, you sell and sell products through your website, blog, Facebook page, email list, or any other online item you own. But when it comes time to sell, it’s over – you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Each click on the “buy” link for a product takes the customer to the affiliate partner’s site to complete the transaction. Each link is unique to you. This allows your affiliate partner to pay you a commission (usually between 5 and 25 percent) for each sale you make. The affiliate partner handles order processing, delivery, customer service, and every aspect of the transaction. Perfect!

This is easy to imagine with the example of, one of the first affiliate networks on the Internet.

On Amazon, you can find any product on the site (book, dietary supplement, fitness equipment) and post a review on your site or post a paid ad about it. Amazon provides a unique link to track where a sale is coming from, and when someone makes a purchase through your link, you’ll receive a credit for the sale and a commission.

In addition to Amazon, there are dozens of affiliate networks and thousands of companies that offer their own affiliate programs in this market.

Another attractive option for affiliate marketing is promoting digital information products that offer significantly higher commissions ranging from 25% to 50% or more.

White marking

I only recommend white labels if you already have some experience in your business. With this model, you work with manufacturers who already offer a dietary supplement (sometimes you can work with them to develop a custom-made recipe) and put your own label on it.

They have done scientific research to make sure it is effective. They study their work. And when it’s convenient for you, put your company name on it and sell it as your own. White labels are a great option as they allow you to create a brand and set yourself apart from everyone else on the market.

Your online health company – the next steps

If you are passionate about health and wellness, this niche might be for you. You know the subject, you know the products as a consumer … and now you can use that knowledge to build a thriving online business.

Even if you are not interested in this niche, it shouldn’t be a hindrance. You can learn enough to make it work … and there’s tons of money to be made.

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