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LR Sustainability Report (Photo: LR Gebäudereinigung GmbH)

LR Facility Services presents the 2021 Sustainable Development Report

Sustainable development is one of the key issues of our time. Faced with pressing challenges such as climate change and social inequality, sustainable action today means much more than protecting the environment and resources. In its “Sustainability Report 2021”, family-owned LR Facility Services from Barnstorf shows how this complex problem can be implemented in a service company in the future. It includes a company declaration of compliance with the German Sustainable Development Code (DNK), which makes the company’s sustainability performance transparent and comparable.

“In our third sustainability report, we emphasize the importance of environmental and climate protection, sustainable management and community involvement in our daily work,” explains LR Managing Director Christian Hinsenhofen, using an old Indian proverb to illustrate his personal motivation: we will not inherit this inherited world after our parents, but borrowed from our children «.

With its trademark, ecological cleaning of buildings with the award-winning “ÖKOCLEAN100”, the medium-sized cleaning company exceeds national and international standards: “This specially developed ecological overall concept includes not only the careful use of resources, but also the continuous minimization of environmental hazards”, notes Katrin Niebuhr, Sustainability Management Manager at LR Facility Services. In line with the ‘Green Innovation’ maxim, 50% of water and chemicals are saved compared to conventional processes: »Moreover, most of the electricity required is covered by the company’s own photovoltaic system. The electricity needed at night or on low-efficiency days has been obtained for twelve years in the form of green electricity from hydropower plants. We also use CO from this year2-free natural gas for heating our administration building and operating an industrial tumble dryer. «In addition, the diesel consumption of company vehicles is regularly optimized thanks to intelligent operational planning and reduced number of visits. Seven electric vehicles are already in use and charged via their own solar-powered charging station, and plans to convert the entire vehicle fleet to electromobility. Actions to adapt to the effects of climate change, such as the rehabilitation of land previously used by the municipality and the creation of a 2,500 m2 wildflower area, complete the eco-oriented course.

In addition, social responsibility as an important entrepreneurial guideline at LR Facility Services has been an essential part of the corporate culture for many years. A well-thought-out CSR concept that has won several national awards as a guide: »We are aware that around 1,000 of our employees are the most important asset in our company. Based on an open and respectful interaction, we appreciate their achievements in the areas of training and further education, health management, diversity management, knowledge and idea management, family and work, and community involvement, explains Niebuhr.

In the rapidly changing, difficult and above all price competitive cleaning market, the traditional family business sees ecology, consistent quality and excellent service as its opportunity: »With our holistic corporate concept, we take into account the three dimensions of sustainability: ecology, economy and social responsibility, so we are well prepared for the future, ”concludes Christian Hinsenhofen.

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