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Künzell (ots) – The industry is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. Creative solutions are needed. Jehn & Peters GmbH supports commercial, industrial and construction companies in their search for qualified personnel. Johann Peters and Julian Jehn rely on social media, but a thorough understanding of the industry is crucial for both of them.

Anyone recently contracted as a roofer or electrician is likely to understand the problems that craft businesses face today. Firms would like to accept more orders, but they lack qualified employees. Meanwhile, word spread across the industry that social media was an opportunity to convince skilled employees of your own company. In craft companies, you ask yourself if it really works – and what agency is best to hire for it. “Social media is an excellent channel for recruiting employees,” says Johann Peters of Jehn & Peters GmbH. “But if the strategy is to work, the content must be right.” His business partner, Julian Jehn, adds: “Content is only valid if the agency is in the industry.” We asked these two to summarize the key points when choosing the right recruitment agency.

First: specialization

Craft companies often rely on regional agencies. However, these agencies usually do a lot of different things: websites, website SEO, social media, and also flyers. They cover a large number of areas. However, the likelihood of being an expert in all of these areas is low. Such agencies are generalists, but not specialists. After all, if you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, not the doctor. It is the same with recruiting employees. A craft company is best looking for a specialist who is familiar with this field and with extensive specialist knowledge.

Second: Understanding your target audience

Regional agencies also rarely specialize in a particular industry. Car dealers, tax consultants and roofers are all under the same care. So these agencies help all industries. In the end, however, they only help insufficiently, if at all. If you want to be successful in recruiting employees to the industry, you need to know the specific conditions in the industry. Must speak the language of the industry and know what artisans want. The recruitment campaign is about the psychological motivation to leave. How to convince a craftsman of a certain company? With what expectations does he approach the case? As an agency, you need to be in constant contact with the artisans. You only develop when you understand your target audience better and better. Anyone who knows the reasons for the change can incorporate it into their work.

Third: use social media wisely

Craft businesses often choose to go to agencies because they’ve heard they need to be active on social media. But that in itself has no value. It is much more important to use social media wisely. After all, craft enterprises want to recruit workers. So it’s not just about advertising, but about attracting the right professionals through a specific channel using effective methods.

Fourth: support also in the further process

The winning candidates are also to be turned into employees. A good agency supports craft companies in this. The following questions arise: How to conduct the first interview with the applicant? When is the best time to reach the applicant? How to increase the likelihood of getting a job interview? Placing an ad is not enough. It is about supporting craft enterprises throughout the entire process, from initial analysis to employment. A craft company also needs a sustainable system of recruiting employees. The focus should be on building the employer’s brand. Improving visibility in the region increases your reputation. In the long run, this leads to more unwanted conclusions.

Fifth: Good communication is the basis and the end of everything

“We often hear from craft companies that they prefer to work with regional agencies because their office is just around the corner. Good communication is of course important, but you don’t have to go to an agency anymore. After all, digitization today offers many opportunities that enable rapid support. A great agency has a team that deals with customer problems and is in constant communication with them on the spot, by phone or online. A craft company wishing to hire the best service provider should therefore not be limited to the local environment, but use today’s digital opportunities.

Are you looking for specialists for your craft activity and would you like to count on professional support that combines all the above-mentioned points? Contact Johann Peters and Julian Jehn (https://www.jehn-peters.de/startseite) of Jehn & Peters GmbH and arrange a free initial consultation!

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