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Berlin (ots) – As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Said Shiripour specializes in digital marketing. He was born in Iran and moved to Germany with his family. There he grew up and began to develop his interest in digital marketing.

Said Shiripour is a full-fledged reseller and internet marketing specialist who has created marketing plans and roadmaps for over 50 digital information products. In recent years, he has gained experience in digital marketing in paid, social and organic channels, landing pages and optimization of the conversion rate.

Since 2021, Said Shiripour has focused solely on the development and optimization of EZFunnels. It is a software company dedicated to bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and technology. With EZFunnels, it wants to enable anyone to start an online business without extensive knowledge of marketing, graphic design or programming. Said Shiripour now has several companies – not only in Germany but also in Dubai ( ).

So far, it has acquired over 100,000 customers, collected over 510,000 e-mail contacts and launched over 50 products. Its turnover is over 50 million euros. As a result, it was named the best online seller in Germany and received seven other international awards.

In addition, Said Shiripour has published two books and has spoken at several high-profile events. His task is to share his knowledge and experience from the last few years with others. He also wants to give others a good start in online business, which is why most of his trainings are available for free on his YouTube channel (

Experiences with the perfect network company

Network contracts have many advantages. However, there are also some dangers. Getting started is easy and they offer passive income opportunities for business owners and affiliates.

This type of business requires reaching out to different people and making different contacts. In addition, it offers great opportunities for expansion – especially in areas that have not yet been developed by network entrepreneurs.

While starting an online business is risky at first, it opens up a job opportunity for many people later.

However, this type of business is not for everyone. Personal contact is a challenge for many, but once the business stabilizes, owners may soon reap the fruits of their labor.

The advantage of network companies

Entrepreneurs often don’t decide to go straight to the networking business. In the beginning, many people often think of starting a business the traditional way. However, as the use of the Internet and social media increases, networking companies are becoming more accessible and offer lucrative opportunities.

The benefits include:

– Generate passive income: business owners and stakeholders can expect passive income from sales made by the team over time. – Easy start: Network companies often rely on personal networks. You can always expand by tapping on other contacts and personal contacts. – Work from Home Opportunity: The Internet and social media enable not only young people but everyone to work from home. – Income Growth Potential: As your network business grows, so does your income. As long as you develop new networks, there is a steady revenue potential. – New contacts: thanks to networking companies you can meet new people constantly.

Starting Network Marketing: Is It Risky?

Every business venture comes with a certain amount of risk – including network marketing. Even if the initial costs are small, additional fees may arise later. Basically, networking companies take time to grow. It can also be accompanied by rejections.

However, if you are brave and take minimal risks, you can build a successful business. Because once you’ve overcome these threats, nothing can stop you.

Said Shiripour with an approach to network and affiliate marketing

According to Said Shiripour, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online by selling your services and products to others. You don’t need your own product or website. You don’t even need to have any experience. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection.

To build a successful business, all you need to do is look for a good affiliate program and sign up. You can then advertise your partners’ products and services on your own website or blog. You get a commission for every sale.

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