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“Children of the Allgäu” has also been supporting projects in Memmingen and the Lower Allgäu for many years. The association spends around 250,000 euros in donation annually.

For over 20 years, the “Kinderbrücke Allgäu” association has supported children and their families in need when fate, illness or excessive demands disturb the order of life. As part of the press event, the association presented itself and various projects that the children’s bridge is implementing memmingen and Lower Allgäu financed.

This is how the association was born

The association was founded on the private initiative of Ludwig Rapp. Simone Burk-Seitz is the first chair since 2010. The association consists of a total of ten members, a committee. In addition to individual help with cases, Children’s Bridge supports clubs and organizations that: Allgäu provide child support. In addition, prevention projects are funded or co-financed to ensure that children are supported in their abilities. Particular attention is paid to the promotion of education. The Children’s Bridge is funded exclusively by donations. Every penny goes to the projects – no administrative costs are financed from the donation. Annual donations amount to around € 250,000. Since 2001, approximately EUR 3.5 million has been spent on around 2,000 projects.

In Memmingen and in the district of Unterallgäu, the Allgäu children’s bridge finances, among others, the following projects:

Children’s point: Since October 2006, the Kids-Point project has been implemented in the Memmingen Child Protection Association in cooperation with the Children’s Bridge. Children with special needs are cared for, cared for and supported after school in a small family group during their primary school. The landlady, Rosemarie Weiß, prepared lunch until the children returned from school. After lunch, class teacher Sabine Faden makes sure that the children can do their homework in groups of two or three in different rooms of the office. In some cases, children are helped by volunteers. We spend the rest of our free time playing or reading. The program includes joint ventures as well as small celebrations for birthdays, Christmas or similar occasions. The baby brisket covers staff and food costs. About 50,000 euros a year are allocated for this purpose. Up to eight children are looked after.

Kiwi – children are important to us: It is a project aimed at supporting children of mentally ill parents. In Kiwi, parents and children can find help to reduce stress in the family and keep children from developing their own abnormalities. Together with the personnel costs, the children’s bridge covers the major part of the cost of this project. The annual grant is EUR 20,000.

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Ecumenical home care at Theodor-Heuss School: Since 2013, the Catholic parish community has been organizing housework supervision with a group of helpers. Since November 2021, students and helpers meet twice a week for ecumenical oversight of homework in the Church of Reconciliation. Most of the children on the offer come from western Memmingen. It is inhabited by families from 40 nationalities who speak over 60 different languages. Supervision is carried out in close cooperation with the school administration and teachers. The Children’s Bridge supports the project with an annual grant of EUR 3,000.

Personal care kits for food banks: Packages are divided into age categories 0 to 5, 6 to 11 and 7 to 18, and male and female. The set includes toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo, and for children over 12 also a deodorant. In September, 1,865 parcels will be delivered to 15 food banks. The costs range from 5,000 to 8,000 euros for delivery. The package costs an average of 3.70 euros. The companies involved are: the logistics center of the Müller drugstore in Ulm, the Töpfer company in Dietmannsried, the Allgäuer workshop in Kempten and Hans Kolb Wellpappe in Memmingen

Increasing grants for education and participation: In the Lower Allgäu, the Children’s Bridge, in cooperation with the employment office, has started a project in which the State Benefit for Education and Participation (BuT) is increased to € 50 per month for children who are eligible for benefits. As a result, children can participate in extra-curricular activities of their choice, and thus in their social life.

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