AMA Pleasure Region: Love for Schilcher is pure pleasure

In the Schilcherei Jöbstl, you can find 18 different products from one grape. For now, remember, because ideas for new creations are almost inexhaustible. Hannes Jöbstl is a master of his trade when it comes to the development of Blaue Wildbacher grapes in various varieties. On the other hand, Luise’s wife likes to work in the kitchen on toppings and sweets for those who like sweets …

WHAT. The company in Wernersdorf has been family-owned for 500 years. Originally, it was a mixed agriculture that provided for the livelihood of ancestors. There was agriculture, animal husbandry, fruit, a bit of everything. However, it is said that the small vineyard has always been part of it, explains Hannes Jöbstl. “My grandparents even ran a wine tavern.”

A step into refinement

In 1986, Hannes Jöbstl and his first-generation parents began refining their own farm produce, such as apples, pears, peaches, Blaue Wildbacher grapes, red and black currants. As development has shown, a trend-setting decision based on business considerations. Previously, fresh fruit was supplied with fruit, and the grapes were sold to other winemakers.

Testing is about more than learning

Single variety apples, such as Arlet, McIntosh or Golden Delicious, but also pears, peaches, elderberries and currants are the basis of excellent alcoholic beverages. The classic Schilcher from Blaue Wildbacher strain from various vineyards rounded off the assortment. This was just the beginning as Hannes Jöbstl began to experiment. In 1991, a graduate of Klosterneuburg proved that even red wine can be made from the famous grape from Western Styria, and a year later white wine. In 1993, he made his debut with the first Schilcher ice wine.
Overall, the willingness to experiment has greatly increased the reach. So far, the Schilcherei Jöbstl range has included 18 different Blaue Wildbacher grape products. The variety of wines ranges from very dry (Classic Schilcher) through semi-dry (Schilcher No. 5) to very sweet (Trockenbeerenauslese, Eiswein, Schnürlwein). From the superficially fruity “Ried Schilcherberg” to the liqueur wine “Alter Freund” made like port wine, to the Styrian response to champagne from “Kristall”. Bright stories are also happy to count. Such as the fun frizzante called Pink Buco or the classic Schilcher sparkling wine. The variety even “shimmers” visually: from white, pink to well-coated red. The range, inspired by the daughters, also includes vegan wines and fruit juices.
When Hannes Jöbstl – he also taught horticulture and practical horticulture at the Stainz technical school for a year – and his wife Luise marvel at the Blaue Wildbacher grape, they seem to be writing a book. This is not the end, however, because there is still a new creation, which of course requires another chapter …

Difficult or sour – Blauer Wildbacher Traube offers both!

In the kitchen, Luise Jöbstl has created many excellent additions to dishes from the valued Schilcher group. For example, variously developed vinegar and jelly. Even sweet lovers can enjoy their ideas. At the latest when Schilcher chocolate or Schilcher grape juice chocolate from Schilcher Jöbstl melts on their tongues. They are produced “from beans to bars” at Fenkart Schokoladenglück.
Despite all the love for the Blaue Wildbacher grape, ‘Am Schilcherberg 1’ also serves connoisseurs of white wines such as Pinot Blanc, Muskateller, Morillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Great quality

Listing all the prizes at Jöbstl vineyard would be like taking the owls to Athens. Therefore, only three successes can be selected as representative: the state winner has so far climbed the Schilcherberg eight times. Six times as Schilcher, once as Blauer Wildbacher, which was made red wine, once as Sauvignon Blanc. Jöbstl Winery has already been represented 21 times at the Austrian Wine Salon. Also in the renowned wine guide “Falstaff” you can always find “Schilcher’s Exotic” at the top. In the 2022/23 edition, for example, from Schilcher-Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA 2019), which scored a sensational 95 points.

Customers increasingly pay attention to regional quality

This year, the Jöbstl vineyard has been the destination of the AMA gourmet region. Luise Jöbstl: “Customers are very much guided by and rely on the seal of quality because it says a lot about quality. As a result, our products are further improved. AMA also gives us the opportunity to participate in marketing activities. “

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