Debate on the abolition of corona isolation and quarantine obligations

BERLIN The demand by the head of statutory health insurance physicians, Andreas Gassen, to lift all isolation and quarantine obligations in the middle of the summer coronation wave has met with opposition. “Infected people must stay at home. Otherwise, not only will the number of cases increase, but the workplace itself will become a security risk, “Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) tweeted on Saturday. Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) said the proposal was out of date. Others agreed with Gassen

– at least in his assessment of the current situation of the crown.

The seven-day incidence rate has recently been over 700 – but for some time, experts have assumed that actual coronation cases are significantly underestimated. The absolute number of patients in intensive care units in outpatient clinics is now twice as high as at the same time last year. However, Gassen does not see a real problem in many infections, but in the fact that those who test positive have to stay home for several days even without symptoms, said the chairman of the National Association of Health Insurance Doctors. “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “It creates staff shortages inside and outside the clinics.” You have to get back to normal. “Everyone who is sick stays at home. Those who feel healthy go to work. This is how we deal with other infectious diseases like the flu. ‘

The president of the German Hospital Society, Gerald Gaß, also highlighted the problems with the isolation obligation. “The burden is growing steadily, and the additional effort required to isolate is increasing significantly,” Funke told the media group’s newspapers, without demanding a deviation from the current requirements. Due to the absence of staff, operations that could be scheduled in many hospitals would have to be postponed and entire areas would have to be signed at times.

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The Federal Ministry of Health said that further shortening the timeframe for free testing would not make sense at the moment. The current recommendations were a response to the deteriorating staffing situation in the spring. Currently, for the general population, compulsory isolation for those infected with the corona can be completed after five days – with a “strongly recommended” negative test at the end.

Due to the “very dynamic infection situation”, careful consideration should be given to whether it makes sense to relax the isolation rules, warned Bavarian Health Minister Holetschek. “We expect a further increase in the number of infections in the fall. Nobody knows which virus variant will prevail, ”said Holetschek.

The head of the German Patient Protection Foundation, Eugen Brysch, accused Gassen of “opportunism”. “Insulation protects. It protects others from becoming infected. ” He referred to the long and post-Covid – that is, ailments at least four and at least twelve weeks after the infection. World Medical Association President Frank Ulrich Montgomery told the Rheinische Post (Monday online / print): “Lifting quarantine rules for labor market reasons is medically unjustified. Our job is to protect people from illness, suffering and death they persist. “

In turn, FDP health expert Andrew Ullmann agreed with Gassen. “It’s a solution-oriented approach that enables a smarter and more individual approach to corona infections,” he said over the weekend. “The isolation period for patients with Covid-19 should no longer be decided by the state. In this way, we can return to a certain normality and peace. ” According to Ullmann, the length of isolation should be a medical and individual decision in the future.

FDP leader Christian Lindner also relies on personal responsibility – but with a view to future pandemic containment. “In the future, there can be no more universal, general restrictions on freedom for all,” Lindner told Funke newspapers. “We need targeted measures that guarantee as much social life as possible and leave people as much personal responsibility as possible.”

Talks are currently underway between the Ministry of Health and Justice about coronation actions that should be possible in the future in the fight against the pandemic. The legal base for the currently strictly limited legislation will expire in September.

The Union urges the traffic light coalition to take swift precautionary measures to contain the crown in the fall. “In addition to vague guidance on the requirement for masks, the government has so far left open the question of how it wants to arm the country specifically for the fall with the crown,” said EU health policy spokesman Tino Sorge (CDU), Welt (online Sunday / Monday printing). The government needs to be clear about which priorities it wants to set during the infection protection law amendment. “After all, we need more pragmatism and personal responsibility,” Sorge said.

Health expert FDP Ullmann told Welt: “The legislative process will be completed as scheduled in September.” He stated: “Moreover, we may be in the final stages of a pandemic and we already have much better tools than blockades or other coercive measures that some want.” Medical opportunities today are much better than in previous years.

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