Doctor’s Salary: This is what doctors earn

doctor’s salary
What do doctors earn?

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They save lives and bear great responsibility. But how much do they earn? You can find all information about doctors’ salaries here.

A doctor’s salary: 3 important facts

  • monthly starting salary: approx. EUR 4,600 gross salary
  • Average salary per year: approx. EUR 84,000 gross salary
  • Job qualifications: studies

What do i need for work?

You absolutely need to work as a doctor medical studies. The standard period of study is twelve semesters and three months. Most students graduate later 13 semesters away.

You ask yourself: What content will I meet during my studies? First, the medical degree starts with pre-clinical part over four semesters. The emphasis is on healthy people and body composition.

in clinical part During the classes, various forms of therapy and other diseases are learned. Among others, the following priorities are established.

  • General Medicine
  • dermatology
  • pediatrics
  • Internal medicine
  • pathology
  • Surgery

This will happen at the end of the course practical year, accordingly with future doctors 16 weeks gain experience in internal medicine, surgery and general medicine.

After completing medical studies and whether students have license to practice received, they can work as resident doctors in hospitals, university hospitals, university clinics or doctor’s offices. They are supervised by the head or senior physician in the companywho checks diagnosis and drug administration. The resident cannot heal without consulting his senior specialist.

Usually as a physician’s assistant five to six years in action before you sign up Specialized training with the topic you choose.

Doctor’s salary: work experience pays off!

As a doctor, you can either Hospitals, clinics or medical practices it works. Moreover, you have the option Tests to go. In general, it can be said that income in hospitals varies depending on experience increasing steadily while this is mostly from own practice workload and yours specialty it depends.

According to Salary, young doctors who start as assistant doctors can: particularly the first 15 years expect a steep wage curve:

  • 25 years old: Salary around 3800 euros
  • 35 years: Salary around 5,800 euros
  • 40 years: The salary is approximately 6,259 euros

Doctor’s salary: The region and size of the facility are not so important

For doctors, it is not possible to find regional salary brackets for many professions in this way. It doesn’t matter if you work in Bavaria or Bremen as a registered specialist, senior doctor or chief doctor. There is also no other unwritten law: the larger the company, the higher the income. Particularly medium-sized objects Doctors seem to have the highest incomes.

The following criteria are decisive for your income as a physician:

  • employed or self-employed
  • Yes or no tariff
  • Fixed salary or workload in practice
  • position

Average annual salary in a hospital by job position

  • Chief physician: annual salary of EUR 100,000 – 280,000 gross (up to EUR 23,000 per month)
  • Senior doctor: annual salary of EUR 100,000 – EUR 130,000 gross (up to 10,800 euro per month)
  • Medical specialist: annual salary of 65,000 – 85,000 eurosdisgusting (up to EUR 7,000 per month)
  • Physician assistant and physician assistant: annual salary of EUR 48,000 – 55,000 gross (up to 4,600 euros per month)

Doctor’s salary: How much do I earn from my own practice?

As a resident doctor, you have the opportunity to generate very high income. In addition to the department, however treatment method (conservative or operational), yours Working time, use of practice and catchment area role.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the net income (after deduction of costs) is on average € 190,000 gross per internship.

Salary Table: Resident Doctors by Specialization

Subject Average annual salary (gross)

radiologist and radiologist

373,000 euros

ophthalmologist and ophthalmologist

EUR 256,000

Dermatologist and dermatologist

225,000 euros

orthopedist and orthopedist

EUR 214,000

urologist and urologist

210,000 euros

surgeon and surgeon

EUR 209,000

internist and internist

206,000 euros

gynecologist and gynecologist

EUR 173,000

General practitioner and general practitioner

167,000 euros

pediatrician and pediatrician

166,000 euros


161,000 euros

AND radiologist has approx two million euros of income per practice on average, by far the highest earnings, of which still after deducting expenses almost 400,000 euro gross stay in the year.

Are doctors paid under collective agreements?

Doctors in Germany are partly after various collective agreements Paid Parking. University hospitals, community hospitals and private clinics all pay different salaries. Increasing wages depending on the years are also agreed in collective agreements. However, the collective labor agreement is not compulsory for employers.

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