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Singer Sarah Connor will play in Fulda on July 15. Performs his albums “Native Language” and “Herz Kraft Werke”. © Michael Bahlo / dpa

After a two-year hiatus from Corona, open-air concerts will be held again in 2022 at the Domplatz in Fulda. Artists such as Wincent Weiss, Sarah Connor, Roland Kaiser and Sido will be there. Here you can find out everything about the program, traffic, tickets and regulations on the site.

Fulda – After concerts at Fulda Cathedral Square had to be canceled due to the 2020 and 2021 crown pandemic, this summer – summer 2022 – will be offered a rich and varied music program, as announced by the city of Fulda.

The concerts at Domplatz will start this week on Thursday (14 July) with Wincent Weiss. Sarah Connor will be arriving on Friday. Patti Smith will take the stage on Saturday. You can read more about all the concerts below in this article. According to the organizer of “Provinztour”, tickets for all three concerts are still available at the box office.

Fulda: concerts with Sarah Connor, Roland Kaiser, Sido – program, blocking, rules

They open around 6.30pm, location is Pauluspromenade (opposite the Viva Havanna bar, where guest lists are also stored) and Paulustor (also read here: Music fans note – these open-air concerts will be held in Fulda in 2022).

For several years, open-air concerts at the Domplatz in Fulda, organized by the city’s cultural office and the provincial tour organizer, have been very popular. Musicians like Andreas Gaballier, Sting, a-ha, the Scorpions and Elton John have already performed there.

However, road closures around the cathedral cannot be avoided, as reported by the city of Fulda. There will be traffic delays in this area until the end of July. The city asks for understanding from residents and all road users.

The Domdechanei and Eduard-Schick-Platz car parks are closed from Monday (July 11) to Tuesday (July 26). From Tuesday (July 12) to Monday (July 25), vehicles are not allowed to cross the Paulus Promenade near the palace garden. (Also read: Music, Theater and Magic at the Festival of Street Art on Friedrichstrasse)

Fulda: concerts at Domplatz in July – streets around the cathedral are closed

The entire Pauluspromenade and Johannes-Dyba-Allee are closed on Thursday (July 14) from 2pm to approximately midnight. In the same period they are on Friday (July 15), Saturday (July 16), Tuesday (July 19), Wednesday (July 20), Thursday (July 21), Friday (July 22). and pedestrian traffic on Saturday (July 23).

Concert at the Domplatz in Fulda Photo from the crowd archives of Andreas Gabalier
This is what it can look like this week at the Domplatz concerts in Fulda. (Archival photo) © Helmut Abel

There are parking spaces for concert-goers in the car parks at Weimarer Strasse and An Vierlehnheiligen (former Eiki site) and in downtown multi-storey car parks. The “Ochsenwiese” car park is only available for concerts on 14, 15 and 16 July 2022, but the Ochsenwiese car park is available at all times.

Parking for extremely disabled and blind people with an appropriate parking permit is located on the Schlossstraße in the parking lane opposite the Schlosstheater and on Paulustor.

Outdoor concerts in front of Fulda Cathedral: restrictions also on public transport

During the closing times, there may be stops “Dom” and “Paulustor”, “Am Rosengarten”, “Robert-Kircher-Straße”, “Weimarer Straße” (line 2), “Am Kronhof”, “Hinterburg” and “Abtstor”. accessible by public transport should not be approached.

Lines 1 (Aschenberg), 2 (Aschenberg), 4 (Oberrode / Malkes), 5 (Giesel) and 591 (Schlitz) are connected by Kurfürstenstraße / Amand-Ney-Straße and lines 3 (Bimbach / Traetzhof / Maberzell / Johannesberg / Istergiesel ), 5 (Fulda-Galerie) and 7 (Johannesberg / Istergiesel) via Rabanusstraße / Dalbergstraße. The stop “RhönEnergie” on the Frankfurter Straße can be used as the stop “Am Rosengarten”.

Concerts at the Domplatz in Fulda: who plays when?

Wincent Weiss will start on Thursday (July 14). The German singer, also known from the TV show “Sing meine Song” (VOX), presents his new album “Maybe someday” – including the hit “Who if not we”. Standing tickets are still available for 53.40 euros, seats for 61.40 euros.

Singer Sarah Connor will play at Domplatz on Friday (July 15). Performs his albums “Native Language” and “Herz Kraft Werke”. The album “Native Language”, in which the 42-year-old talks about personal stories, ideas, worries and fears, has been certified five times platinum. The song “Vincent” from her latest album stayed on the German charts for 48 weeks. Standing tickets are available from 60.40 EUR.

Roland Kaiser will also play at the Domplatz 2022 concerts in Fulda.
Roland Kaiser will also play at the Domplatz 2022 concerts in Fulda. © Markus Scholz

The first week of concerts at Domplatz ends on July 16 with Patti Smith performing on the stage in front of the Dome with her band. Her debut album “Horses”, which was released 47 years ago by an American rock singer, is still particularly well known. But songs like “Because the Night” and “People have the Power” are also part of their repertoire. Tickets ranging from € 45.50 to € 80 are still available for this concert.

Giovanni Zarella will perform on Tuesday (19 July) and perform solo for the first time in his career. He has two albums “La vita è bella” and “CIAO” with songs in Italian and German. The artist now also presents his music on his own TV show: The Giovanni Zarrella Show premiered at ZDF in 2021. Seat tickets are available from 40.40 euros.

Outdoor concerts in the cathedral square: tickets available at the box office

Tom Jones, who has been in the music industry for 55 years, performs an open-air concert in Cathedral Square on July 20. The 81-year-old released his new album “Surrounded by Time” in the spring of 2021, which immediately hit number one on the British charts. The Briton is best known for songs such as “She’sa Lady” or “Sexbomb”.

The project “Avantasia” became known as “Metal Opera” more than 20 years ago: For composer and producer Tobias Sammet, the concert at Domplatz on July 21 is a home game because it comes from Fulda. He has already won icons such as Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions) for albums and tours. Seating is available for EUR 66.40, standing for EUR 57.

Schlager veteran Roland Kaiser also performs his hits in Fulda: on Friday (22 July) hits such as “Joana”, “Why didn’t you say no” and “You love” ring out over the cathedral square. The concert of the star from Berlin is the only one sold out so far.

The series ends with a concert by the German rapper Sido on the cathedral square on 23 July. In 2019, the Berlin-based rapper released his eighth album Ich & kein Maske, which featured songs such as Wie Papa and Melatonin. His most famous hits are “Pictures in the Head” and “Astronaut”. Standing tickets for this concert are available from 50.45 EUR and seats are available from 70.45 EUR.

Concerts at Domplatz: It is forbidden in the event area

All concerts start at 8:00 PM, admission always from 6:30 PM. With the exception of the Roland Kaiser concert, tickets are still available for all events. These are available from the Fuldaer Zeitung offices and on the Internet.

It is not allowed to bring drinks and food to the event area (one PET bottle or one tetra-pack up to a maximum of 0.5 l with alcohol-free content per person), weapons and weapons-like items.

Likewise prohibited are: chairs and stools, cameras with interchangeable lenses and / or focal lengths greater than 180 mm, video / film recording devices and sound recording devices, tablets and selfie sticks, umbrellas, laser pointers and flammable and / or flammable objects .

Video: Sarah Connor gives the final concert of her “Herz Kraft Werke” tour in Hamburg

Pets, firecrackers and firecrackers as well as flags and posters with extremist / offensive prints are also forbidden. Basically, all items that pose a risk to visitors, artists and employees or that could cause an accident are prohibited on the site.

All concert attendees are kindly requested to arrive earlier as waiting times may be longer due to identity checks upon entry. Since all handbags are also searched, visitors can help reduce waiting times by taking only the essentials with them or skipping the bags altogether.

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