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Young firefighters in action: young people had to pass numerous tests in competitions. Photos: Alberter

Dominik Alberter

Ochsenfeld – “Ready to practice” sounds at the fire station in Ochsenfeld, where the youth fire department took place again on Saturday after a two-year hiatus. County fire councilor Martin Lackner was delighted to be proud to speak of some 250 children and young people in 64 groups from 23 local fire departments who compete at six posts in various fire-related fields. works. “We are delighted that so many have returned from the Crown period, which has hit our youth firefighters hard,” says Manfred Muthig, head of the youth policy department at the district fire brigade association.

As you stroll through the sprawling structure, you first pass the Target Throw with Fire Line station, where Leeland Gallinat of Stammham just made a perfect throw under the watchful eye of Judge and District Fire Chief Alfred Klein, and between 8 and Ninth Rungs exactly hit the ground fire station ladder. “When you get nervous, it’s almost a feat,” one of the onlookers mutters.

Behind the road is Manfred Waltl, who conducts exercises on digital radio. “The moment has come when I forget everything,” moans Linda of Demling before Waltl gives out his first questions about modern radio. “Which button can be used to make an emergency call,” Sophia reads the question and replies like a pistol shot. Also required are key combinations and inputs directly on the device, of course with the stopwatch running.

In addition, district commanders Uwe Schuster and Thomas Buchberger check every young firefighter’s “favorite discipline”, knots and seams. “To the new one, but right this time,” Buchberger says with a smile to the youth group in Hitzhofen-Oberzell, who immediately set up carpentry blows, reef knots and a pole throw at the wooden structure intended for the purpose.

The next exercise, “Transporting water through an obstacle course”, is that it gets quite wet, and girls and boys involuntarily cool down in the hot summer weather. There, the home team from Ochsenfeld competes for points, bringing as much of the contents of the water buckets as possible through the obstacle course, which are attached to the fire station’s ladder.

While a sweaty 14-year-old Hannah is critical of her teammates, the fan community of parents and caregivers on the edge of the station praises their charges. There was no less sweating at the stand of district fire chiefs Erwin Meilinger and Robert Husterer, where a group from Attenzell demonstrated how to launch a firefighting attack. After “Water, let’s go!” At the last station, the speed exercise, the young people have to unfold the four pressure hoses, extend them to the correct length and connect them together. For the last runner, this means a sprint of 50 meters and almost 30 degrees in the shade, a voluntary sweat bath in full fire brigade gear.

Later, everyone strengthens themselves with drinks and food, which the children and teenagers are provided by a well-coordinated team led by the commander of Ochsenfeld, Robert Göbel.

During the awards ceremony, the district governor Alexander Anetsberger describes the day as an expression of the excellence of the youth firefighting work in the district, which is the largest youth fire day in Upper Bavaria by number of participants. He gave the first place trophy to the team from Denkendorf 2, and the girls from Böhmfeld 2 won the girls’ classification, there are still firefighters there. “Waltl is not worried about the large number of participants.

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