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Globe Berlin had a fantastic start again in 2022 and opened the season on the Open O stage in June. The audience is offered a varied program of drama, word arts and world music. In addition to premieres and world premieres, there are also Shakespeare re-releases as well as live performances for children and families. This weekend, the new song “How the crow flies” celebrates its premiere. All information and a first glimpse of the show, as well as forecasts for the Globe Berlin 2022 season, which runs until mid-September, can be found here.

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Open-air drama, art of the word and world music at Globe Berlin

For all culture enthusiasts in the capital, Globe Berlin with its Open O stage in summer 2022 is the perfect all-rounder. Lovers of theater, concert, drama and the art of the word They will find all kinds of great performances and shows to fill the summer of 2022 with wonderful, impressive days and evenings. In addition to numerous premieres and premieres, Shakespeare also returns to the stage, as well as children’s and family performances, so that the whole family can enjoy a wonderful performance.

Globe Berlin has made people happy ever since June 4, 2022 numerous viewers with various live performances by the Globe Berlin Ensemble. to September 10 you can experience countless live events on the Open O stage. Enough time to enjoy the diversity and creativity of the Globe Ensemble. The Globe offers its guests a unique atmosphere in the heart of Charlottenburg. The urban background and the surrounding nature of Austria Park, on the other hand, offer viewers a unique setting and thus perfectly complement the works on display.

Until the (re) construction of the Open O stage, an open-air ring-shaped stage made of piled wooden elements of the former Standing theater in Schwäbisch Hallthe venue of many events and the seat of the Globe Berlin Ensemble. From 2019 I already have it nearby 20,000 viewers visited the open-air stage in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Not applicable? Inquisitive? Then take a look at the first insights into this season’s events in Globe Berlin.

From Saturday: “As in a straight line” – the collective production celebrates its premiere in Berlin

Wiebke is a Berliner and currently lives in the small English town of Todmorden. Before her, far and wide, only a green and rural existence. But everything will be completely different as soon as he comes to Berlin. The question he asks is “Where exactly do I belong?” “What does home mean?”

Actress Wiebke Acton is an integral part from 2019 Teams of the globe. Wiebke tells the story of a split between two worlds and a longing for Berlin. An emotional world that describes a state between fulfillment and disappointment, but also temptation and disgust.

Wiebke has lived in England and Germany for over 10 years and is an international actress and PhD student at the University of Leeds. The development of the piece “Like the crow flies ” is part of her research work on the relationship between acting and intercultural identity and emerges as international co-production between The globe in Berlin and Waterside Arts Center in Manchester.

On Saturday, July 23 time and premiere “Like a crow flies“It will be presented for the first time as a premiere on the Open O stage.

Excerpt from a scene from Globe Berlin “How the Crow Flies” – Photo: Thorsten Wulff

But how was this piece made? What’s behind this story? And what can you expect on the Globe Berlin stage in “Like a crow flies“? Now let’s take a closer look at it.

Creation and origin of the piece

Wiebke Action is here long-term member in Teams of the globe and feels at home on the Open O’s stage at Globe Berlin. But Wiebke has mastered the balance between Berlin and England for years, commuting between the two places many times. 6 months here and 6 months there, sleep, but confusion at the same time. Wiebke is in her PhD in England and would like to take this opportunity Research work of a practical nature as it is not common practice in Germany. In England, undergraduates and postgraduates can complete their research work artistically – that’s exactly what he does with the Wiebke piece “How the Crow Flies”. Wiebke set herself the goal of using her passion for acting and creating her own piece for research work on cultural identity design. He has been asking himself for years “Who exactly am I?” and “Where do I belong?”

Wiebke is stuck between culture and everyday life. This is Leeds vs Berlin and English vs German. The feeling that some of us can recognize ourselves that has been with us in the next bits of our lives, and even a state that is yet to come.

Wiebke wanted this turbulent emotional world of her personal experiences in body and soul as a foundation for her joint development of the piece use. Wiebke is the source of the basic idea, her life is the content of the story, but the actress attaches great importance to the experience and knowledge of your fellow men, to benefit and bring this piece to life. In addition to acting, directing, musical accompaniment, composing and filming are equally important to being able to convey your story properly. Wiebke quickly knew who she wanted by her side and who would accompany her during her development.

Brainstorming and design began in October 2021. The first meetings took place at the beginning of this year through the well-known “Zoom”. The focus was on Wiebke personal stories and experiences. It was a lot of material collected, among them were very personal sourceslike the actress’s diaries. But apart from the story of her life, the most important part of the performance is music. Besides many autobiographical scenes music should be in the foreground. Songs – covers and specially written songs – serve as musical accompaniment to the song and are thematically related to it.

Excerpt from a scene from Globe Berlin “How the Crow Flies” – Photo: Thorsten Wulff

The audience will see many dialogues and scenes accompanied by music that will convey the story even better. Theme song “In this town I was at home “ was written by Wiebke and skilfully communicates the emotions of tear to the listener.

As the work is part of her research work, it will be presented not only in Berlin but also in Manchester. The Globe Ensemble will also perform on stage in Manchester and present the play in English.

Globe Berlin has set itself the goal of making its events and performances accessible to all, so their goal is to present many of their plays in German and English. With background like multicultural Berlin is there and which ones diversity The performances hidden in our capital are also accessible and open to all enthusiasts of acting, the art of speech and concerts.

The premiere of How the Crow Flyes can be seen this Saturday, July 23. So, if you are curious, you have the chance to experience the full length of the song on the Globe Berlin stage by the end of the season.

Berlin globe | Outdoor season 2022

This season, Globe Berlin once again offers numerous events related to drama, the art of the word and concerts. In addition to “How the Crow Flies”, the Open O stage also hosts Shakespeare’s performances, performances for children and families, and concerts.

Fragment of a scene from the Globe Berlin play “Ameley the beaver and the king on the roof”

Another attraction in the program is fun for children “Ameley the beaver and the king on the roof”Which premiered in early June.

Ameley takes us on an exciting journey to the Munkelwust forest, incl modern fairy-tale worldwhere fairies, people, animals and pears naturally talk to each other and find themselves. Maximum a diverse community of the lost and charmedwho boldly face a great adventure together. And at the same time find out who they really are and what they belong to.

Ameley the beaver and the King on the Roof | Dates and tickets

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In addition, the Globe Berlin Ensemble has other great events planned for the current outdoor season 2022. If you want to know more about the upcoming events, you have a great overview of the entire schedule here.

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